Asset and fleet management


Black box for data collection

The ETS One has everything you need to monitor the status of its fleet, manage activities remotely and optimize workflows. 

The device is equipped with an accelerometer for shocks detection, a current sensor to count working hours and an electrolyte sensor for analyzing battery charge cycles. 

The system extrapolates the data from the sensors already present on the machine for analyze the uses, efficiency, workload and the driving style of the operators.

ets one


Designed to record and store all data useful to the operator (shocks, working hours, battery)


It has a GNSS and CANBUS and RS232 interfaces to extend its functionalities

Additional features

It is possible to enable photorelays to activate auxiliary functions (e.g. automatic slowing down) of the vehicle coupled with predefined events.

All in cloud

Access to all data on PC or Smartphone thanks to GPRS connectivity (Sim 4G).

Designed to innovate

Black box, GNSS localization, shock detector and battery analysis in one device

The ETS, version One, is the ideal system for monitoring the parameters of pallet trucks, rudders, lifting platforms and industrial cleaning machines.

The ETS One can be integrated with a bar code reader for the data collection on packages scannerrized in real time.

The system also allows you to check the accesses by integrating ETS One with a magnetic key that enables the operator to use the vehicle. 

Kiwitron guarantees a lasting investment for your vehicles through the use of 4G and LTE-M technology

All Kiwitron devices can be used once the 2G and 3G network switch-off plan will be completed in Europe.  


The industrial protocol par excellence


The system is able to evolve and expand its functionalities according to customer's needs


It is possible to increase the number of functions by connecting relays in CANBUS.


We have chosen standard protocols highly adaptable.

Advanced Connectivity

Thanks to the CANBUS connection, it is possible to remotely control the vehicle sensors.

ETS One and Cleaning 4.0

Towards the digital transition

The Fleet managemnt ETS One, interconnected with the remote control cloud, allows you to bring your fleet to 4.0.

How it works? The ETS One, coupled with the cloud, satisfies all technical requirements needed to access to 4.0 tax benefits. 

This allows a return on investment on your whole assets and goods.

At the same time, L'ETS One collects and analyses data for a more efficient management of your fleet.