Oil & Gas software - Fueling system management

Oil & Gas software - Fueling system management

oil&gas software per controllo erorgazione carburante

For a large international customer, Kiwitron has created an oil & gas software dedicated to controlling fuel delivery. The use of an access management system allows you to quantify and analyze the fuel withdrawal from the tanks by associating an operator authorized to refuel the vehicles to retrieve information on the liters dispensed.

In the case considered, the refueling takes place through tankers, which supply the construction vehicles with the diesel taken from the tanks.

Therefore, the installation of a device capable of analyzing the refueling phase on the tankers has allowed a more control over the amount of fuel used by construction site vehicles.

In addition, fuel dispensing can only be carried out by authorized personnel by means of identification and the recognition of the authorized operator by unique badge or RFID.

In fact, the activation phase of the pump for dispensing takes place when the vehicle is refueled three stages:

  1. operator recognition by badge or RFID identification;
  2. identification of the vehicle;
  3. activation of the pump for dispensing.
Software  Oil & Gas rilevamento analisi carburante NFC RFID

What the oil & gas software provides

  • ETS One, a localization and remote control device to activate the pump and enable fuel delivery, analyze fuel levels and send data to a server for remote control;
  • One device Tablet associated with the device remote control via Bluetooth to identify the operators and the vehicle, enter the machine data (hours of work, kilometers, liters), report the status of refueling and send data;
  • NFC / RFID Tag Reader to enable the operator to dispense fuel.

How the oil & gas software works

First, both the operator and the vehicles authorized for refueling are enabled at the server level. Once this procedure has been completed, the operator can log in to the Tablet or Smartphone application in order to gain access to the system and identify himself as an operator.

The authorized operator then goes with the tanker authorized to refuel near the construction site, identifies the vehicle on which to refuel and passes the NFC / RFID reader of the Tablet or Smartphone on the vehicle to be refueled.

The ETS One is connected to a bluetooth receiver to communicate with the operator Tablet to receive the activation data of the vehicle.

Finally, the operator marks the total kilometers of the vehicle and saves them on the platform. Thanks to the data collected by the ETS One device, the Oil & Gas software allows you to enable the vehicle to be refueled remotely and analyzes fuel variations for greater control.

Therefore, the system guarantees the correct withdrawal of fuel from the tanks, from the tank trucks and the relative loading in the construction vehicles. The data generated is finally associated with the operator and analyzed ensuring full control over the fuel delivered.

Kiwitron creates tailor-made solutions for you, at hardware and software level. If you need an integration or are curious about our integrations follow us on the blog!

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