System automatic call

Kiwi-Call is a automation system which allows you to increase business efficiency. The system simplifies business processes by facilitating communication between operators and forklift drivers within the company.

In this way it is possible to increase efficiency eliminating downtime in the production cycle (e.g. delay or failure to load / unload the material in a production line).

Can be integrated with ETS

Detection up to 1 km

Easy to install

How it works?

The Kiwi-Call it consists of a hardware part and a call button for the trolley and can be installed near the production lines or the shelving.

The system does not need an infrastructure and communicates directly with the Fleet Management on the medium, which receives the information and transmits the data to the Kiwi-Call device.

The system sends the loading / unloading request of the material on the display of the Fleet Management ETS in the form of operator mission.

The driver can choose to accept or reject the request via the touch display.

 The line worker will be aware of the mission status (accepted, pending, expired) by means of the LEDs on the call button.

Mission accepted accepted accepted

Mission on hold on hold on hold

Mission refused refused refused

Get the 4.0 benefits
with Kiwi-Call!

Kiwi-Call allows you to access 4.0 concessions on all types of lifting equipment and operating machines (electric, diesel, transpallet, wheeled) without the need to manage the activities of the vehicle or set automatic slowdown.

 Thanks to 4.0 you can add competitive value to your company and obtain savings of up to 50% on your vehicle.

Through integration with the ETS system it is possible to view requests directly on the touch display in a simple and intuitive way.

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