Call system for logistics optimization

Designed to simplify workflows

KiwiCall is a call button which can be installed on a production line or on a shelving and allows you to send the request (eg loading or unloading of the material) to a free forklift driver in an automatic, simple and fast way. 

The request is forwarded by the KiwiCall button to the ETS device with touch screen interface on the vehicle. The driver can decide to accept or refuse the mission. 

In this way KiwiCall simplifies communication between forklift driver and operators and the management of company activities, eliminating downtime in the production cycle. 




How it works?



KiwiCall does not need an infrastructure and communicates directly with the ETS device on the medium, which receives the information and transmits the data. 

The ETS device must be installed on all the vehicles that you want to manage with KiwiCall.

The system sends the request on the ETS display in the form of operator missionThe line worker will be aware of the mission status (accepted, pending, expired) by means of the LEDs on the KiwiCall button.

What are Operator Missions? A mission is a personalized message that can be transmitted by KiwiCall via the company management system to the ETS device on the cart. 


Flashing red, yellow and green lights indicate system startup. The red and yellow light on the button indicates that the request was refusedAt this point the system cancels the first request and resends the mission. 

Flashing red, yellow and green lights indicate system startup. The yellow light indicates that the mission is awaiting response. There green light on the button indicates that the request was accepted by the forklift driver. 

The KiwiCall system uses a proprietary communication protocol with a radius that can be extended beyond one kilometer. 

We have created a battery version for industrial environments without power sources. 

For safe, efficient and sustainable logistics

Wide range

KiwiCall communicates with the ETS device on the vehicle even when the trolley is km away from the line.

Mission management

Thanks to the integration with the app on the tablet, it is possible to assign different missions to the buttons installed on the lines.

Easy to install

KiwiCall can be installed with a few simple steps that our technicians will show you with care and attention.

Integration with ETS

The system must be integrated with the ETS device and the Kiwisat software for complete management of the machine park.


Call system for managing multiple production lines

KiwiCall+ checks up to 7 virtual KiwiCalls via tablet or pc.

Through the device it is possible to press one of the KiwiCalls when the production line needs to be unloaded. The request reaches the ETS Touch installed on the vehicle and the operator can accept or not. 

From the tablet or PC, it is possible to see if the request has been accepted or not by pressing the KiwiCall.