Kiwi-Call: the automatic call system for 4.0 logistics

Kiwi-Call: the automatic call system for 4.0 logistics

Kiwi-Call, Kiwitron's new communication system for operators and forklift drivers, allows you to increase business efficiency through automation. Kiwi-Call, integrated with the ETS Fleet Management, allows access to 4.0 concessions on all types of industrial vehicles.

Control, simplification andlogistics optimization are a vital need for every company. Company logistics is a complex process that deals not only with the transport of goods but also with the procurement of raw materials and parts, their storage in the warehouse and replenishment in the departments.

Good business planning is the key to business success. In this sense, it is essential to use all the systems that allow you to simplify the management of activities, from software to automation systems.

In this perspective, Kiwitron presents Kiwi-Call: a automatic call system which sends a request to the forklift driver unloading / loading of the material in a simple, fast and intuitive way.

The system can be installed on an end-of-line and signal the need for download the line to the truck driver in a completely automatic way through the use of sensors. Kiwi-Call can also be used for it unloading / loading of goods in stock.

What is Kiwi-Call and how it works

Kiwi-Call is a communication system forindustrial automation consisting of a hardware part and a call button for the trolley, which can be installed near the production lines or the shelving according to the application of the system.

The system is simple to install and does not require an infrastructure or management system. Indeed, Kiwi-Call communicates directly with the Fleet Management ETS, which receives the information and transmits the data to the Kiwi-Call device.

The system uses a proprietary communication protocol with a radius of up to 1 km. In addition, we have created a battery version for environments without power sources.

How does it work? Kiwi-Call sends the request to load / unload the material on the touch display of the Fleet Management ETS in the form of operator mission.

The driver can choose to accept or reject the request via the ETS touch display. The line worker will be aware of the mission status (accepted, pending, expired) by means of the LEDs on the call button.

Logistics 4.0: use of the Kiwi-Call system

Logistics 4.0 is the application to the world of the supply chain of paradigms of Industry 4.0 and translates into the use of technologically advanced systems for the storage, handling and transport of goods and materials.

The 4.0 solutions for logistics they not only include fully automatic machines but also automation systems. In this sense, the activities can also be partially carried out manually.

In a 4.0 logistics, the connection between machines, storage systems, machinery and software becomes fundamental.

There 4.0 solution for logistics proposed by Kiwitron is the Kiwi-Call system that allows you to increase productivity and safety by simplifying the communication of workers within the company.

On the one hand, logistical efficiency passes through the organization of company spaces and areas. On the other hand, it is necessary optimize business processes and simplify workflows, avoiding errors related to the management of activities or lack of material.

Suppose a company, a production line and an operator. The operator processes pieces and places them on a pallet. When the pallet is full, the operator stops his work and goes to look for a forklift driver to free the full pallet, wasting production time.

Kiwi-Call solves the problem and increases efficiency eliminating downtime in the production cycle (eg delay or failure to load / unload the material in a production line).

Warehouse 4.0: use of the Kiwi-Alarm system

Kiwi-Alarm is a battery-powered device capable of detect any impacts to the shelving and to notify the manager in real time. The device can be fixed in the shoulder of the shelving.

If a collision occurs, the system automatically sends a notification to the central node which stores the information and alerts the department manager on the management system.

The interface allows you to view where the collision occurred directly in the company map.

The web portal can be used for data visualization Kiwisat of Kiwitron or the company management system. Kiwitron provides free and public APIs forintegration between software and computer systems already present in the company.

How to access the 4.0 concessions with Kiwi-Call

Kiwi-Call, which can be integrated with the ETS Fleet Management, complies with the automated integration requirement between machinery and / or equipment of the factory through operator missions generated directly by the system (exchange of information).

Kiwi-Call can be interconnected with the company's IT system by exchanging both input and output data. In fact, by integrating with the ETS Fleet Management, the data and information stored by the Kiwi-Call system will be usable on the management system using the http protocol.

Kiwi-Call gives you access to "Smart factories" benefits.  on all types of vehicles (electric, diesel, transpallet, helmed), without the need to manage the activities of the vehicle or set the automatic slowdown.

What are you waiting for? Organization and automation make companies of all types and sizes more efficient and competitive on the market, as well as technologically advanced.

Thanks to 4.0 you can add competitive value to your company and obtain savings of up to 50% on your vehicle.

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