Kiwitron radio control: the semi-automatic guide for industrial vehicles

Kiwitron radio control: the semi-automatic guide for industrial vehicles

radiocomando kiwitron

Kiwitron is at the service of modern companies and offers its customers solutions smart to innovate the field of logistics. Kiwitron's radio remote control for remote control of industrial vehicles is state-of-the-art technology that guarantees safety and maximum productivity.

The radio control is a device that allows you to control a vehicle remotely via radio waves. This type of technology has a wide application and is currently used in multiple industries. 

Nowadays the use of the radio remote control is an efficient solution in industrial field to respond effectively to the continuous transformations of the digital market.

The industrial radio control Kiwitron allows you to command heavy machinery remotely, without a physical connection between operator and machine. The practical remote control allows for complex maneuvers that are difficult to perform on the machine due to poor visibility.

Unlike a wired system, with cables and control panels, the radio control does not hinder the operator and allows to manage the work vehicles in a functional way and without constraints. Furthermore, the use of the radio control allows the operator to position himself where he has the best maneuver control, in total safety.

radiocomando kiwitron

The radio control it can be installed on machines for lifting and moving material and people. The system consists of aportable transmitter unit, from which the operator issues the order remotely, and from areceiving unit installed on the machine itself. 

The portable transmitter unit communicates with the receiver unit installed on the vehicle by means of a radio connection. The radio signals sent by the transmitter are received and transmitted to the machine control interface.

The two units encode messages via a single address, specific for each remote control e not reproducible from other devices. Each unit, therefore, encodes only the messages coming from the unit with the same address, excluding any interference or external manipulation.

How to monitor machinery in real time thanks to the Data Feedback mode

The user can monitor the status of the connection and the progress of the medium at any time. The radio control, in fact, is equipped with the Data Feedback functionality which provides the operator with all the information in real time on the operation of the machine, through icons on the display. 

In summary, the two units send messages to each other: the transmitting unit sends the operating commands and the receiving unit sends information on the operations carried out by the vehicle. 

In this way, the system of transmissions of data and commands is bidirectional.

In addition, particular machine conditions, such as load limits or limit switches, are signaled by turning on the LED present in the transmitting unit.

The radio control it is equipped with some functions that guarantee a high level of safety. For example, in case of need the stop function brings the machine to a safe state. This function can be entered voluntarily by the operator (active stop) or activated automatically (passive arrest).

L'active stop is activated manually via the button STOP of the remote control and takes place in less time than the automatic stop.

L'passive arrest it is activated if an anomalous situation is detected in the operation of the machine. For example, if the radio connection should be incorrect or interrupted. 

The automatic stop allows to avoid accidents due to unexpected movements of the vehicle, caused by electrical faults of the system.

In particular working conditions, in which it is not possible or it is not recommended to establish a radioelectric connection, it is possible to use the remote control

The wired remote control connects the transmitter unit to the receiver unit by means of a cable and does not change the operating characteristics.

Like all products Kiwitron, the remote control is a device easy to install, resistant to the environment and built to last over time. 

Industrial radio remote control from Kiwitron and CANopen connectivity

Communication in industrial automation guarantees the connection between devices and the integration of processes through a continuous exchange of information. 

CAN (Controller Area Network) is a communication protocol initially developed in the automotive industry to reduce cabling in motor vehicles. 

Nowadays this technology is also applied to various industrial sectors thanks to CANopen, a communication protocol that allows real-time data exchange

The devices involved in the communication are called knots and they are able to manage and process data frames autonomously. 

Thanks to the use of the network CANopen the data transmitted by the remote control are visible from all the devices in real time.

The communication protocol CANopen guarantees fast response times and low costs, high operational reliability, even in hostile places.

The radio control is an innovative system that allows you to control and manage machinery in a way practical and rapid. This type of technology is carving out more and more space in the field ofindustrial automation because it allows you to bypass the wiring limits and optimize your workflow.

The industrial radio control of Kiwitron it represents a valid alternative to traditional machinery control methods. This system guarantees safety, maximum flexibility and reliability of the work system.

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