Lane radar

Obstacle detection system


Obstacle detection system


The system assists the driver during the maneuver as it can detect obstacles present in the surrounding area.

The obstacles are visually reported and, optionally, a speed reduction can be activated on the truck.

The system is installed directly on the back of the truck. Using 11 different lasers the system can detect obstacles and allows to setup custom warning and alert areas.

The product has 11 lasers and allows very high accuracy.
It is also possible to manually draw different intervention areas on the ETS touch display.


Extremely customizable

Through the configuration tool it is possible to draw any type of polygon (shape and size) to best calibrate the system according to the working environment.

It is possible to install one or more sensors in the system and define the detection range to achieve complete coverage of the areas at risk.

Integration with ETS

Any ETS touch system can be configured as a display visualizer for the radar system.

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