Lane anticollision radar

Lane radar

System of obstacle detection for narrow lanes

Often the visibility of mobile and forklift drivers can be impaired due to size, load and driving position, increasing the risk of collisions.

The radar is an obstacle detection system for the risk mitigation accident during maneuvering operations.

The system is installed directly on the rear of the vehicle and detects obstacles thanks to laser sensors. 

The radar has 11 lasers and boasts very high accuracy, with a detection of up to 8m of distance.


Detection area configuration

Through the configuration tool it is possible to draw any type of polygon (shape and size) to best calibrate the system according to the working environment. 

It is possible to install one or more sensors on the mobile machine and define the detection range to achieve complete coverage of the areas at risk.

Compatible vehicles


Driver assistance supplement

The radar detection system can be integrated with devices developed by Kiwitron for fleet management and obstacle visualization. In this way it is possible to extend the functionality of the system according to the working conditions and the needs of the customer.

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ETS device with LED display interface

The integration with ETS advanced allows to analyze the performance of the vehicle thanks to big data and to manage accesses with RFID badges.

ETS device with touch screen interface

The integration with ETS touch allows you to analyze performance, manage access, view the distance and number of obstacles detected.

Kiwi-Safe with LED operator interface

Integration with Kiwi-Safe allows you to view the distance and number of obstacles, limit the maximum speed (if provided).

Collision avoidance solution for VNA trolleys and mobile machines

The radar detection system with Kiwi-Bridge integration allows to maintain high productivity levels in industrial areas with high handling frequency, without sacrificing the protection of operators on foot and vehicles.

The system can be installed on VNA (Very Narrow Aisle) trolleys or on large machines (e.g. reach-stacker for port areas). 

Kiwi-Bridge device, with Bluetooth or Wifi technology (radio)

Space optimization requires the use of VNA trolleys for narrow aisle warehouses that reach 16 meters in height, not allowing the driver a complete view of the work area. This increases the risk of collisions.

Kiwi-Bridge extends the communication range between the detection radar sensor and the ETS Touch or Kiwi-Safe device in the cabin, so the driver can view any obstacles in the maneuvering area at any height.