Logistics and automation: Kiwitron 4.0 solutions

Logistics and automation: Kiwitron 4.0 solutions

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Introducing the concept of industrial automation in companies means aiming at improving working conditions and increasing the level of efficiency. Kiwitron, a leading company in the field of Industry 4.0, offers intelligent solutions to innovate the structure of your company.

If up to 2018 the turnover of the logistics automation sector was valued at 27 billion dollars, by 2022 a further growth of 12.6 %. This proves the real impact of the automation systems in the world of work, but also the growing awareness on the part of entrepreneurs on the true value of automated solutions.

In warehouses and logistics systems, the systems that allow the automation of processes are carving out an ever greater application space. This allows companies to remain competitive in the face of competition and the new needs of the sector.

It should be remembered that automation can take over inside a warehouse in different degrees according to the needs. In fact, a process can be fully or partially automated, leaving room for the manual aspect of the work as well. 

Not all companies need to fully automate their warehouse. Sometimes it is sufficient to intervene only in some areas or on some processes (such as the packaging or the storage phases).

Therefore, they correspond to different needs different levels of automation. In general, however, the management of processes and flows can be significantly improved thanks to mechanization and digitalization at all levels of the supply chain. 

What are the benefits of automation and what impact does it have on production?

L'automation of processes can offer several advantages: greater speed and precision in order management, more capacity of storage or availability of goods, optimization of the space in the warehouse and, in general, greater security for workers and products.

In fact, one of the strengths offered by automation in logistics is the reduction of the severity of tasks. Since some more risky actions can be carried out with greater safety thanks to the help of specific devices.

From this point of view, human intervention does not disappear, but is retrained with other support or control tasks.

In general, a high level of automation implies, on the one hand, a less human intervention, therefore greater fluidity and uniformity of operations. On the other, a steady increase in productivity as it reduces execution times and production costs. 

The automated systems proposed by Kiwitron

The ability to customize automation and adapt it to specific business needs is an added value that makes the company innovative and able to improve the level of service.

Good business planning is the key to business success. In this sense, it is important to use devices capable of simplifying work management, from software to automation systems. 

For this Kiwitron has designed Kiwi-Call: an automatic call system that allows you to manage in a simple, fast and intuitive way loading / unloading requests of the goods e facilitate communication between operators and forklifts within the company. 

Kiwi-Call: installation and operation

Kiwi-Call is a communication system for industrial automation and consists of one hardware part and from a button call for the trolley. The button can be installed near production lines or shelving.

Through Kiwi-Call it is possible to send the loading / unloading request of the material and view it on the touch display of the Fleet Management ETS in the form of an operator mission. 

Thanks to bright LEDs present on the call button, it is possible to know the status of the mission at any time (accepted, rejected, pending). 

logistica e automazione industriale kiwi.call

So, Kiwi-Call speeds up communication between operators and eliminates downtime in the production cycle. 

All systems for the logistics of Kiwitron bring a real advantage to companies and promote the automation of processes in line with a model of Industry 4.0

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