Kiwitron and CGM together to offer a unique fleet management service

Kiwitron and CGM together to offer a unique fleet management service

 We interviewed Alberto Gradellini, sales director of CGM, Compagnia Generale Macchine together with the manager of the company's after-sales area. We have analyzed the value of the Fleet Management ETS as an added solution to the CAT product for fleet management.

The needs that arise on the market and the need to propose adequate solutions lead companies to innovate and grow every day. The goal is to offer the customer a competitive product: unique, valuable and difficult to replace.

In logistics, the engine and the drive towards innovation it is given by digitization, that is the possibility of interconnecting machines, tools and people in a single company system.

Two years ago the request of some customers led CGM and Kiwitron to create a partnership to meet the changing needs of a growing market.

In this sense, the partnership offered the possibility to choose a Fleet Management for the monitoring of forklift parameters: a great help to fleet management.

Today the two companies have grown together in volumes and in terms of resources, as well as increasing mutual trust in the path taken.

Fleet Management ETS as an added value to the CAT product

CGM was born in 2006 with the aim of distributing Cat® Lift Trucks products on the national territory and with the mission of creating and managing a network of dealers. CGM has become the sole distributor for Italy of Cat® Lift Trucks in just two years.

Kiwitron was born in 2019 as a spin-off from the R&D section of a historic company in material handling sector. We specialize in Fleet Management solutions and industrial automation products.

What made the collaboration between the two companies unique was the ability to offer one complete solution for fleet management it's a flexible service thanks also to the wide Kiwitron range.

This has allowed CGM to propose the solution suited to the needs of end users and charterers, in line with the growing demand for these solutions on the market.

In the words of Alberto Gradellini, CGM Sales Director:
“Yes, we are satisfied with the use of Kiwitron solutions. From this point of view, the proposal is quite varied so we can propose the most targeted solutions for customers ".

Business intelligence and Safety

In logistics, the demand for Fleet Management solutions continues to increase e driving support systems forklifts, i.e. devices for detecting obstacles and managing certain activities.

On the one hand, Fleet Management allows you to collect data on the means (battery, hours of work, uses, any anomalies, etc.), proving to be a useful tool for using data in order to improve performance.

On the other hand, i obstacle detection systems they constitute a useful tool to aid driving essential to reduce the number of accidents at work.

In this sense, the use of Kiwitron solutions for logistics had a positive impact in relation to the sales of the CGM network.

Thus comments Alberto Gradellini:
"Competitiveness is linked to the possibility of being able to propose a complete solution and therefore to be reactive on the market by offering the customer the solution that best suits their needs".

As also recognized by the CGM After Sales area manager, ETS Kiwitron devices are very flexible, configurable according to needs and, as Alberto G. still states, the Safety solutions have been appreciated where the end user has requested them. .

It should be remembered that the anti-collision systems assist the operator in driving the forklift and warn the driver in the event of a risk of collision. However, these systems cannot stop the machine to comply with category regulations.

Therefore, for the use of these devices to be effective at 100%, it is important that the driver keeps his attention high while driving the vehicle.

In this perspective, Kiwitron Fleet Management solutions allow to identify the areas at greatest risk of accidents thanks to the collection of data on the vehicle and a targeted analysis of the same.

How useful can a Fleet Management be?

Following some tests with loyal customers, the advantages of using Fleet Management were highlighted. Among these, the ETS device adapts very much to the needs of the end user.

Tests have highlighted the need for understand reading data in their nature to reap the real benefits.

For example, a customer was very excited about the possibility of manage business areas and get reports on media workflows. In fact, on the Kiwisat portal it is possible to understand whether to move a vehicle to another department because it stays there for too long and does not work.

Data collection is fundamental for the choice of processes. In fact, it is the objective data and not an opinion that leads to an improvement in a performance.

As Alberto Bertaglia, Hse & Fleet Specialist in Kiwitron states:
"This is an important part of a service added to the product: a service that helps you understand how to improve yourself".

In summary, the partnership between Kiwitron and CGM stands as the mission customer satisfaction and support innovation in the industrial field.

In this sense, the demands of the sector change and evolve rapidly over time. The will is to continue and move forward, giving different answers to different needs.

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