Fleet Management Kiwisat

Fleet management: monitoring and control

The Monitoring the vehicles activities and their operating conditions is fundamental to overcome the logistic challenges. Measure, analyze, maximize performances of each vehicle is essential when the evinvironment changes asking for more needs.

Kiwisat, the Kiwitron's fleet management software, shows what do and where are the vehicles , giving real-time information about the operators driving style and the operating conditions of the fleet: active and inactive vehicles, alarms and shocks detected.

Thanks to the interconnection between the Fleet Management ETS e Kiwisat you can view the status of your fleet it is possible to visualize real-time data about your fleet (vehicles localisation, working hours, battery usage, shocks and kilometres) plan maintenance services.

All in cloud,remotely, on web or mobile.

Real-time fleet localisation

Thanks to the GLONAS localisation it is possible to control fleet position and the path of every vehicle any time.

So, it is possible to track each vehicle calculating times and distances traveled during his period of activity.

Therefore, it is possible to plan all the activities of the fleet to optmize paths and working times improving viability and profits.

The system allows also to manage access points from remote: it is possible to enable each driver to use the vehicle with a simple click.

Checklist Operator

Thanks to the Fleet Manager ETS is possible to assign a pre-operational checklist that must be completed before starting the vehicle.

If you go to the checklist section of the cloud Kiwisat, it is possbile to visualize the status of the checklist operator (completed, not compelted) and the details with the questions.

Each cheklist is customizable in terms of quantity and typology of questions.

If a checklist is not completed correctly, the system can determine a block that prevent the vehicle from starting.


Optimization of the trucks fleet

Kiwisat does not only collect data, but it processes them to allow a better planning of activities

The cloud computing Kiwisat generates insights that refer to users, vehicles and to the checklist operators.

The users insights detect working hours, kilometres and alarms.

The fleet insights allow to visualize also the checklist operators which refer to each vehicle.

The checklist insights allow to identity completed and not completed checklists.

Uses Analysis

Kiwisat allows to get a graphic representation of the Fleet Usage and of each vehicle.

TheFleet Usage allow to verify:

the simultaneousness of the fleet usage ;

the fleet workload

the usage percentage of every vehicle compared to the fleet (see image to the right).


Kiwisat Advantages

Fleet Control

Safe working environment

Optimization of the trucks fleet

Operator empowering