Fleet Management into cloud for fleet management

A widget for each feature

To view data on your fleet in an immediate and intuitive way

In the section customers view it battery status, L'efficiency and the safety of each fleet.
In customer map view the position of each customer.
In the section fleet age view theyear of activation of all your means.
In the section fleet efficiency view it state of the means and performances.
In the section use of means view the work hours of your means.
In the section maintenance monitor and program le scheduled maintenance.


To view high risk areas
and prevent accidents

The "Heatmaps" feature allows you to monitor the near-miss, or near misses during the hours of use of the vehicles.

The areas turn green, yellow or red according to the alarms signaled by the vehicles in the work areas, creating a map with a clear view of the risk areas.

Fleet localisation

For an optimized planning of the activities

With the GLONAS localization it is possible to know in real time the pposition of the fleet and the movements of each vehicle. 

In this way the KiwiSat Fleet Management software is able to calculate times and distances traveled during periods of activity and the fleet workload in time.

Knowing the workload allows you to plan activities of the fleet with a view to route optimization, reduction of working times ed remove the locks. All with an immediate increase in profitability. 

localizzazione GNSS mezzi gestione della flotta

Operator checklist

Security at your fingertips

Each operator can be assigned a a pre-operational checklist to be completed before starting the vehicle.

In the section checklist it is possible to view its status (completed, not completed) and the questions in detail.

KiwiSat is also in version APP

for data and usage monitoring real time