Interface with LED display

KiwiSafe it is a device that can be integrated into Safety solutions (Radar, KiwiEye, Collision Prevention System, KiwiRoof).

KiwiSafe allows you to visualize the presence of the obstacle in the maneuvering area, thanks to the LED lights, and, if necessary, slow down the vehicle in the work area.

LED interface

The color and direction of the LED lights show the distance and the position of obstacles, detecting 3 alarm zones.

2 levels of slowdown

The device signals the pre-alarm or alarm and reduces the speed of the vehicle based on the distance of the detected obstacle.

Bypass button

The device is equipped with a unlock button and/or exclusion of the slowdown.

Quick and easy installation

The device is lightweight and versatile and can be installed directly on the vehicle.

How does it work

The color of the bright LEDs indicates the distance of the obstacle from the trolley: 

  • green if it's far away,
  • yellow (pre-alarm) for medium distance
  • red (alarm) if it is very close.

The direction of the lights indicates the position ofobstacle detected.

The distances that the LED lights show are programmable.

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