Pedestrian and machine detection system tested with ai technology

For warehouse safety and efficiency in the industry

Safe, efficient and sustainable workplaces

KiwiEye is the first detection system with integrated artificial intelligence, depth camera and RGB. Tested and with excellent performance in warehouses and construction sites.

Thanks to its powerful deep learning algorithms KiwiEye differentiates between people and obstacles in ever-changing environments. 

The system locates and distinguishes pedestrians, cars, objects, signs. KiwiEye detects pedestrians without the need for tags.

KiwiEye has customizable detection zones and three alarm zones to improve warehouse safety , avoid collisions and prevent accidents.


Active detection (no tag)

Pedestrians, cars, objects, signs and markers. Up to 25 meters. Precision to the centimeter.

3 Alarm Zones

Zone Alarm, Warning, Safe. Distances can be configured according to the direction of travel of the machine.

Operations management

Automatic slowdown in case of detection of danger. Avoid false alarms.

Increase efficiency and optimize workflows

Integration with ETS datalogger. Big data and near-miss analysis. Forklift access control.

System tested

Advanced technology

Excellent performance

| Small size
| Low weight
| Resistance to shocks, high temperatures, water
Optimize safety and efficiency

KiwiEye is the top-of-the-range solution to help drivers during manoeuvres. Its camera sees pedestrians, braking down the vehicles if a pedestrian enters the detection zone and preventing accidents.

The system detects moving and static pedestrians with no tag. KiwiEye ensure wide coverage in logistics, warehouses, construction sites, mines and quarries, where mobile machines operations represent a danger for pedestrinas.

The system activates an alarm warning the driver of the presence of potential hazards. Ensure the safety of environments means to increase productivity.

KiwiEye for assisted driving

Fields of use on mobile machines


Forklifts, electric elevators and stackers, reach trucks, counterbalanced trucks, order pickers, etc.

Agricultural machinery

Tractors, articulated and telescopic handlers, mini excavators, compact skid steers, etc.


Earth moving machines

Excavators, dredgers, backhoe loaders, loaders, bulldozers, dumpers, wheel loaders etc.


Industrial cleaning machines

Floor washers, sweepers, etc.

Integration with KiwiPad

Touch screen tablets for viewing live streaming from the camera.

  •  Water Resistant & Dust Tight (IP65)
  • Connection LTE with Integrated SIM
  • Interface Wifi , Ethernet, CANBUS, RS232, USB, Bluetooth
  • Plug&Play retrofitting
  • Configuration easy and fast 

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