Sensor for monitoring
of the batteries
with artificial intelligence


3 sensors in 1

System tested

Advanced technology

KiwiBat is the data logger with artificial intelligence that includes the functionality of three sensors in one product.

The integration of the three sensors makes it possible to measure dozens of sizes and have a punctual and effective monitoring of the state of the battery with a considerable saving of time, resources and waste.

Current sensor

Measures the magnetic field generated by current flowing in a wire.

Electrolyte sensor

Accurately measures the water level in the battery.

Temperature sensor

Measure the temperature level inside the battery.

KiwiBat can be integrated with the ETS datalogger and the Kiwisat management software

The Fleet Management process and analyze data thanks toartificial intelligence.

The integration between Kiwitron solutions allows you to do predictive maintenance to prevent anomalies and correct wrong behaviors, such as bad battery charge.

mezzo kiwisat

KiwiBat is also in version APP

for data and usage monitoring real time


You can analyze the events and anomalies of each medium for day, week or month via history up to 6 years.

app kiwibat


Monitor the battery voltage level to avoid cenergy wings.



Monitor the temperature level to avoid a capacity reduction.

State of charge

Monitor the state of charge to avoid abnormal recharges or incorrect uses.