Kiwi-Safe: the versatile driver assistance device

Kiwi-Safe: the versatile driver assistance device

Kiwi-Safe il dispositivo versatile

Kiwi-Safe is the Kiwitron driver assistance device for the operator with LED interface. Integrated with the anti-collision obstacle detection systems, radar and Kiwi-Eye, it allows a more efficient and safe management of the work area.

The digitization of processes and the use of advanced technologies improves business efficiency and allows companies to better respond to the needs of the sector. 

There digital transformation it allows to reach new goals and brings a real competitive advantage to the industries of every sector.

Kiwitron, a company specializing in Fleet Management solutions, intelligent detection systems and industrial automation, supports companies in the digitization process, to help them achieve high levels of efficiency and productivity.

Kiwi-Safe application on forklift

Kiwi-Safe: features and benefits

Kiwi-Safe is a device with LED operator interface designed to be integrated with the detection and driving assistance systems developed by Kiwitron. These are theanti-collision for trolleys and pedestrians, the lane mode radar and the Kiwi-Eye, proximity system with artificial intelligence.

On the Kiwi-Safe interface they are present LED which, if lit, indicate the distance and the direction of the detected object. The LEDs indicate the presence of any obstacles both on the front and in the back of the vehicle thanks to their radial arrangement.

The LED color indicates the distance from the obstacle: green if the obstacle is far away, yellow for the medium distance and red when the detected obstacle is very close. Otherwise, the direction of the lit LED indicates theat indicative position of the obstacle.

Kiwi-Safe is also equipped with a relay which, if set up, allows the vehicle to slow down and currently supports up to 4 Kiwi-Eye detection systems with artificial intelligence.

Optionally, you can set a particular warning sign for the detection of the operator on board the machine, characterized by the lighting of blue LEDs. Finally, there is a buzzer , the acoustic signal in case of danger of collision.  

This type of technologies assist operators in all maneuver phases: it is a support for driving the forklift that increases the efficiency of intralogistics flows. 

Kiwi-Safe, integration with Kiwi-Eye 2.0

Kiwi-Safe: integration with Kiwitron Safety systems

Kiwi-safe can be integrated with Kiwi-Eye, the proximity system with artificial intelligenceand capable of recognizing pedestrians and forklifts. In addition, detection occurs within a radius of 25 meters, with centimeter accuracy and without the need for tags for the operator on foot.

The Kiwi-Eye system measures the distance from the obstacle that enters its line of sight. By integrating with Kiwi-Safe, the operator can view the indicative position of the obstacle and the relative distance on the device.

Kiwi-safe can also be integrated into the trolley-pedestrian and trolley-trolley anti-collision system developed by Kiwitron. 

Kiwitron's collision avoidance device is installed on vehicles and detects the distance to surrounding vehicles or people with tags. In the event of danger, the driver and pedestrian are alerted by three different types of signals: visual, acoustic and vibrating. 

The collision avoidance system covers a circular area around the vehicle with a radius of approximately 25 meters. In this case, on the Kiwi-Safe's LED display these light up in a circular mode of a different color depending on the distance of the obstacle.

4.0 technologies and logistics optimization

This type of systems contribute tologistics optimization, managing all handling activities more efficiently and safely, and ensuring greater control over the drivers' driving style.

Nowadays, most industrial sectors have understood the advantages of digitization, equipping themselves with innovative devices and technologies to improve production processes and the product quality, reduce set-up times, human errors and downtime.

Kiwitron accompanies companies in the process of digitalization 4.0 by devising solutions that bring a real competitive advantage to partner companies, in line with the Business model 4.0.

Furthermore, thanks to the wide range of products, it is possible to choose the most suitable technology for every handling need and type of work environment.

Download the Kiwi-Safe system brochure integrated with Kiwitron safety solutions.

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