Proximity detecting system with Artificial Intelligence

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Kiwi-eye detect machines and operators on foot, hunched over or from behind, with one precision to the centimeter and without the aid of tags for people. The use of artificial intelligence makes it possible to have a system highly selective.

It is possible to set up 3 zones of detection (Alarm, Warning, Safe) which can be configured according to the vehicle's running signal. 

When the detected object enters the alarm zone, then the system activates the danger signal and / or the slowdown of the medium.


How it works?

Developed, Tested and Produced For You

Kiwi-eye uses Object Detection, a technique of artificial vision to extract some characteristics from the environment, locate and classify objects in an image.  

The artificial intelligence collects data relating to the position, distance and category of the object in order to activate some measures of accident prevention.

The more data available, the more the algorithm will be able to guarantee high levels of performance of the system, even in new environments.

Kiwi-eye can be installed on all machinery and equipment for lifting and handling of materials.  

for safe, efficient and sustainable logistics

Bearing: 25 meters

Kiwi-eye selectively detects pedestrians, machines (e.g. forklifts), markers for the recognition of signs.

Automatic speed reduction

The system allows you to manage the slowdown of the machine in the event of a risk of collision, avoiding false alarms.

3 Alarm Zones

They can be configured on the basis of the vehicle's running signal (eg 2 Km / h for obstacles detected in the alarm zone).

Internet of Things and integration with ETS

The system can be integrated with the ETS device to manage accesses, exchange data and analyze near misses.

Towards the digital transition

Get the 4.0 benefits.

All Kiwitron's Safety solutions allow you to get the tax benefits of Industry 4.0 if they are integrated with the Fleet Management ETS.  

How it works? Kiwi-eye integrated into the ETS system meets the technical requirements that allow access to the 4.0 facilities, while maintaining high levels of productivity in industrial environments.

Numerous system configurations are available to suit every need. 

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