How to increase the safety of people in production environments with artificial intelligence

How to increase the safety of people in production environments with artificial intelligence

Business digitization takes a step forward thanks to recent computer vision and intelligent sensing techniques, bringing competitive value to businesses in terms of security, productivity and resources.

As is well known, digitization has brought data to the fore in order to build new efficient production strategies and intervene on processes in a timely, precise and concrete manner.

This logic affects and defines areas such as Industry 4.0, where sensors and analysis systems are the fundamental tools for optimizing the operation of production lines.

In this sense, theartificial intelligence represents an innovative technology that shows a concreteness and variety of applications capable of intelligently exploiting data.

Kiwi-eye, Kiwitron's artificial intelligence pedestrian proximity system, is capable of detecting vehicles and pedestrians in motion, bent over or from behind, and people partially hidden from view, with centimeter accuracy.

Although the definition of artificial intelligence as a system capable of simulating human action is known, not all technologies operate in the same way.

For example, the artificial vision aims to replicate the visual intelligence of man, a very complex task that has occupied research for a long time.

Kiwi-eye is a proximity system with artificial vision capable of detecting any objects present in the work environment, optimized foridentification of people.

The intelligent camera notifies the presence of a pedestrian in the maneuvering area of the vehicle by means of an acoustic and luminous signal and visually on the control display.

Kiwi-eye alerts the operator only when necessary, recognizing the distance of the vehicle from the people detected and estimating the probability of collision.

Specifically, the system uses a technique of computer vision, or machine vision, known as object detection, able to detect the object and recognize it as a "man".

How does theobject detection?

The system is capable of detect and monitor objects present in the visual range of the room, determining their precise location and distance and classifying the type of object.

In fact, the technique of object detection it allows you to extract certain characteristics from the environment in order to draw a box around the object, identifying its own exact location.

It is important not to confuse the technique of object detection from the most common image recognition, which classifies an object directly from images.

On the contrary, theobject detection classify the object following the recognition of the belonging of certain characteristics to a category.

Specifically, Kiwi-eye uses a selective method of object detection based on deep learning or "deep learning".

In other words, the characteristics extracted from the environment are selectively crossed according to metrics defined by an algorithm that learns to classify the object as a "man" in a specific way.

Therefore, Kiwi-eye does not detect the pedestrian through the recognition of the person in a univocal way but through an algorithm that allows to attribute the category "man" to the detected object.  

Kiwi-eye - the challenges of artificial intelligence

At Kiwitron, we strive every day to develop innovative solutions that allow you to transform data into useful information thanks to the analysis, processing and interpretation of data.

For this we have created Kiwi-eye, an intelligent proximity system capable of evolve over time and to face the challenges of logistics.

In fact, the system is able to learn to perform new tasks by managing new situations as the information processed by the algorithm increases. For example, the system will be able to learn a recognize the signs.

Therefore, Kiwi-eye will be able to read any signals present in the workplace, such as a no-access sign, and activate the appropriate security measures by configuring the system.  

In this sense, Kiwi-eye is an intelligent system that can revolutionize our security systems and optimize the operation of production plants.

Do you need a similar solution and want to access the 4.0 benefits?

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