Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0

Digitize industrial processes and improve business efficiency in every production sector.  

What is Industry 4.0

Transition plan 4.0

L'Industry 4.0 it is a process that allows companies to improve efficiency and reduce costs thanks to the integration of new technologies and the use of data. To produce in a safe, fast, sustainable way. This is the challenge.

The Transition Plan 4.0, defined by the legislation in force, it is part of an investment program for companies that choose to embark on the digitization path. A plan that looks to the future and brings benefits in economic and competitiveness terms. 

Thanks to digitization companies get the tools to create a new model of industrial production automated and interconnected, in which people, machines and devices communicate with each other to improve processes and product quality. 

Kiwitron wants to provide companies with the technologies and solutions suitable for digitize the fleet in every industrial sector, to improve the quality of work, increase productivity and the value of company assets. 

Towards industry 4.0: the regulatory context

Transition plan 4.0

The Transition Plan 4.0 it sets itself some fundamental objectives including promoting the culture of technological innovation, sustainability and safety in the company, also thanks to tax measures that take effect from November 2020 to June 2023. 

This is a series of benefits to support and incentivize companies that invest in new capital goods, tangible and intangible, functional to digital transformation. 

Among these, all the eligible assets are included non-road mobile machinery (machines, tractors and operators, tools and devices for loading and unloading, handling). For more details, please refer to AE circular no.4 / E of 30 March 2017. 

To access tax benefits, the machines must be used according to the Industry 4.0 paradigm, that is, comply with the technological requirements indicated in the legislation in force. This is why we have the right solution for you.



A single solution for all mobile machines

ETS system for fleet management

The advantages of 4.0 technologies

Charterer or fleet manager

  • Thanks to monitoring operators improve the use of the unit.
  • View bumps and anomalies remotely by obtaining a objective assessment of damages.
  • Track your working hours, workload and unit performance.
  • Lock and interact with machine performance levels remotely.
  • Manage the maintenance based on the type (ordinary and extraordinary) and prevent damage thanks to models of anomaly detection.

End user or customer

  • Choose which operators to enable and reduce the likelihood of collisions, accidents, damage.
  • L'installation is quick and easy and we can send you our support technician.
  • We offer free assistance to help you visualize and understand data to optimize workflows.
  • Integrate the functionalities of our software in your company management system.
  • THE detection systems machine - machine and machine - pedestrian united withartificial intelligence to prevent accidents.

How to access the 4.0 benefits

Industry 4.0 is aimed at all companies. In order to take advantage of the tax credit, it is necessary to have made an investment in new capital goods, both tangible and intangible, from 1 January 2020 to 31 December 2022. 

The goods must be ordered by paying a deposit of 20% by this deadline with delivery of the goods by June 2023. 



Forklifts designed to increase the production efficiency of your company. We transform the trolley into a 4.0 asset thanks to advanced technologies and automate some vehicle functions
(e.g. speed).


Earth moving machines

Interconnected machines designed to have greater control of the working environment. Thanks to the innovative 4.0 technologies you can manage the operation of the machine and limit performance in some areas.


Elevating mobile platforms

PLE increasingly intelligent thanks to IoT technologies and artificial intelligence algorithms Industry 4.0 brings greater productivity, shorter set-up times, reduction of human errors and downtime.

Industria 4.0 macchine per la pulizia industriale

Industrial cleaning machines

All professional cleaning machines, which are part of the company's production cycle, and add value in terms of safety, efficiency and innovation, can benefit from the concessions.

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