Industry 4.0: Solution ready and prepared for comparison

Industry 4.0: Solution ready and prepared for comparison

What are the differences between a 4.0 ready solution and a 4.0 ready solution? In the article we explain which are the solutions recommended by Kiwitron to access the 4.0 concessions and increase business efficiency.

Kiwitron is an expert in the field ofIndustry 4.0 and supports companies in the process of digitization, developing innovative solutions and building tailor-made products together.

The digitization of business processes is a fundamental aspect for companies as it allows to obtain i data and use them as analysis tool to measure performance and increase productivity.

Industry 4.0 has accelerated the digitalization process of companies, encouraging investments in the industrial sector through tax breaks and incentives.

The concepts of integration and interconnection

The entire legislation of Industry 4.0 Plan revolves around the concepts of interconnection and automated integration of the asset into the business system. But what is their meaning?

First, for interconnection we mean that the capital goods, whose operation is controlled by computerized systems or managed by appropriate sensors and drives:

  • Exchange of information with internal and / or external systems of the company;
  • is uniquely identified;
  • is possible the loading of instructions and / or part programs remotely (possible via the Kiwisat).

Secondly, the assets of the group of theAttachment A that fall within the legislation must also satisfy the requirement of "automated integration with the logistic system of the factory or with the supply network and / or with other machines in the production cycle".

What does automated integration mean? This can be met in three ways:

  • in a physical way, through the use of handling control systems of goods or semi-automatic driving, or in an informative way, through traceability systems of products / lots / packages integrated with the factory logistics system;
  • through automated integration with the supply network;
  • through automated integration with other machines in the production system.

In summary, automated integration plays a vital role for one organic and systematic management of the company, capable of integrating the various functions of the entire production cycle.

Ready solution 4.0 vs ready solution 4.0

The 4.0 solutions proposed by Kiwitron, that is the 4.0 ready and prepared solution, have in common the interconnection of Fleet Management ETS with the remote control management software.

The ETS collects data and sends it to the cloud using a 4G SIM or Wi-Fi, chosen based on the infrastructure and work environment. Data transmission is guaranteed on the Kiwitron server in a fast and secure way.

The use of the data allows the remote diagnosis, which is a fundamental aspect in the digitalization process of companies because it allows the use of data as an analysis tool to optimize workflows.

The ready 4.0 solution is composed of the ETS Fleet Management interconnected to the management system and integrated with a solution of the Safety type or for logistics. We recommend the ready 4.0 solution for sale or as a reinforcement to access the Industry 4.0 model.

In fact, ready 4.0, Safety or logistics solutions (Kiwi-Call or Bar-Code Reader), they satisfy in a simple and automatic way the requirement of automated integration of the vehicle in the production cycle.

The ready 4.0 solution satisfies the requirement of automated integration automatically, simply and quickly using the control of some functions of moving vehicles, material management systems or the physical distribution of finished products.

Therefore, the end user uses the data collected by the ETS to optimize workflows and increase efficiency through analysis.

Prepared solution 4.0

The 4.0 solution is made up of the Fleet Management ETS interconnected and integrated with the remote control management system. Howeverthe burden of demonstrating how the data is used is left to the user.

Usually, the 4.0 solution prepared is proposed for rental fleets. Indeed, the hirer uses the data collected by the ETS system (working hours, partial / total battery charges, shocks, vehicle position) to plan maintenance and protect your company asset.

The integration and interconnection of the ETS Fleet management with the cloud allows to obtain on a single company management system acomplete analysis of uses of the means.

Furthermore, the Kiwitron Fleet Management ETS it can be integrated into the management system iTek4 of Centro Sistemi of the Zucchetti Group.

The collaboration between Kiwitron and Centro Sistemi offers a 4.0 rental solution that simplifies the management of the Service and the rental. to know more Click here.

Ready solution 4.0: rental benefits

Kiwitron 4.0 solutions meet integration and interconnection requirements in different ways and based on the type of company and business.

On the one hand, the ready solution 4.0 relieves the end user from the need to use the data in favor of checking the activities of the vehicle and / or the handling of goods in the company areas.

On the other hand, the prepared solution 4.0 takes into account the importance of the use of data for the charterer, in favor of a control over the use of company assets and the performance of the vehicles.

In other words, the use of the 4.0 ready solution alone is not sufficient if thedata usage. For example:

  • How to use data to manage business areas and optimize workflows?
  • How to demonstrate the use of data and the added value to the company?

In summary, the use of the data must be justified in order for the firm to demonstrate that it acquires a real added value in terms of resources, productivity and business efficiency.

It is therefore clear that the integration requirement becomes, together with the interconnection requirement, a key factor underlying the digitalization of the production process and, more generally, of the entire process of value creation.

Below is a table showing the kits proposed by Kiwitron that allow access to the 4.0 concessions.

The ready solutions 4.0 they consist of a Fleet Management ETS (One, Advanced or Touch), the Kiwisat management software or API for integration, a Safety solution or a Kiwitron logistics solution.

The prepared solutions 4.0 for rental they consist of a Fleet Management ETS (One, Advanced or Touch) chosen on the basis of the type of fleet and vehicles and the remote control management system.

Kiwitron's Safety systems are:

  • Collision Prevention System, trolley-trolley and trolley-pedestrian anti-collision system;
  • Radar, trolley-trolley and trolley-pedestrian anti-collision system with lane mode;
  • Kiwi-eye, intelligent proximity and cart-pedestrian anti-collision system optimized for the detection of pedestrians.

Kiwitron's logistics solutions are:

  • ETS One integrated into the bar-code gun for the traceability of packages that are scanned during the working day;
  • Kiwi-Call for the management of material flows within the company.

Kiwitron is an expert in the field of Industry 4.0 and collaborates with the largest Italian and European certification bodies. .

Kiwitron sold over 1000 Safety systems this year, helping to significantly increase the safety in industrial environments at no cost.

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