Kiwitron Customer Service: competence and flexibility

Kiwitron Customer Service: competence and flexibility


We asked Valerio Zanetti, Kiwitron's Customer Service trainer, to tell us about a typical team day and the qualities that distinguish the team. The traits that emerge from the interview are entirely in line with the company's strengths.

We know that your days are non-stop, and that requests come from many different fronts. How are you organized internally? 

We work with the constant need to coordinate. For this, we share all the information and divide the tasks in a transversal way, with regular communication of the tasks in progress. However, each of us was able to follow certain product lines or projects with more continuity. Someone has deepened their knowledge of products such as KiwiEye and KiwiSafe, someone else has followed Industry 4.0, someone else is more accustomed to using the Kiwisat portal. In any case, we all have a 360° preparation: the division of tasks is fluid and aimed at solving problems. 

The best way to contact us so it's the Service group email: The optimal organization of the assistance is the fundamental prerequisite for our area, since it allows to follow up the customers in an adequate way. 

What is the flow of Kiwitron Customer Service activities?

Reading emails is the first operation of the morning, to immediately distribute customer requests to each member of the team, giving priority to emergencies. Clearly, reading e-mails and receiving phone calls continue at any time of the day. It therefore becomes indispensable to know how to define and re-adapt the order of activities to the circumstances. 

The most common requests concern the generation of credentials for Kiwisat, remote assistance and reports relating to the functioning of the portal. We therefore make appointments with the customers' reference technicians, sometimes scheduling them well in advance, in order to be able to better manage the workload. 

Furthermore, sometimes travel is necessary for on-site interventions (for courses, support for the first installations, etc…). We also take care of preparing the training courses for customers, which we offer online or on site when required.

Finally, part of the team manages the repairs, work that also requires good cooperation between us. The repairs take place in coordination between the employees in charge and the colleagues who have carried out the assistance relating to the products, who return via ticket. 

What is the relationship between Customer Service and the commercial part of Kiwitron?

In fact, we offer a service, which can also be evaluated during the negotiation. To give an immediate example, the Customer Service always provides assistance for the first installations. 

In addition, our educational webinars are very popular. For this reason, training relating to Kiwitron solutions and the management of the Kiwisat portal has become increasingly important in the relationship with the customer, becoming a strong point of the company's commercial proposal.


The courses serve to best convey the potential and purposes of the technologies developed by our company. They strengthen the bond with the customer and make him aware of the value of our business.

For this, we have created a range of training possibilities around our systems. As I mentioned before, we offer the possibility of organizing dedicated courses for the single company that requests it, online or live. Furthermore, we will soon activate training packages structured by level of detail and will make the teaching material available. It will be a real "academy" service, to which we will add the possibility of organizing workshops in dedicated structures. These moments of communication and contact with the customer are undoubtedly part of our strengths.

Speaking of strengths, could you list the main ones within your office?

Certainly, our organization allows us to maintain great flexibility, especially with respect to the Customer Services of very large companies or with rigid intervention scheduling schemes. We are able to meet emergencies, even when this is not part of the daily schedule. 

Our goal is to follow each customer step by step, with extreme attention to the specificity of individual needs and of each relationship. Kiwitron's Customer Service team is also active all year round, with the exception of weekends and national holidays. We are aware of the fact that production activities have continuous rhythms, and we try to always be available.

Another quality that represents us is the high degree of competence, not only in relation to the role of assistance, but also in reference to the detail of the products. Since Kiwitron systems are entirely designed and manufactured in house, we have access to all kinds of information about their operation. Our training is often conducted by the same people who conceived and engineered them. It is, therefore, an exceptional perspective, which enables us to explain systems without gaps to customers. 

And according to tandWhat is the most important characteristic of a good Customer Service department?

The Customer Service is one of the faces of the company towards the outside. Being a point of contact and reference with customers, an excellent Customer Service team aims to establish real and concrete human relationships, which go beyond simple product assistance. This means maintaining customer trust, while at the same time spreading an authentic and positive image for the company. It is our goal every day, and there is no shortage of satisfaction.

To obtain these results also on a human level, practice and communication skills are needed. As far as I'm concerned, I have 25 years of experience to my credit and I'm surrounded by extremely competent colleagues, with a previous work experience that brings fundamental contributions to my day-to-day work. Finally, collaboration with the customer, transparency and communication are fundamental for Kiwitron, and we at the Service try to be the spokesperson for this corporate identity.


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