Safe Areas Management

zoning systems

How to manage the activities of the truck in certain areas

Zoning systems allow you to manage forklift activities in specific areas. For example, it is possible to set the speed limitations of the vehicle when entering dangerous work areas. Thanks to the application of electronic devices on the vehicle and near the gates, it is possible to set up activities in order to activate the signs and manage access to certain areas.  

Kiwi-Zone Plus

MANAGES THE PERFORMANCE OF THE VEHICLES and the accesses to the company areas

Environments detection 

It is possible to install sensors to comply vehicles activites in accordance with a defined company area.

Gate opening

Thanks to the interaction with the infrastructure Kiwi-Zone opens gate and doors automatically.

Integrated with the infrastructure

Only authorized vehicles are able to access to specific areas.

Easy to install 

The installation is very simple and it can be easily made by your operators.

How it works?

Kiwi-Zone Plus allows you to manage access points and forklifts performances to increase safety in dangerous areas.

When the vehicle access to "SAFE" areas Kiwi-Zone Plus activates the automatic slowing down system and acoustic/visual signals.

Thanks to the radio technology the system immediately recognizes the forklift when it enters in the area.

Kiwi-Zone Plus can deny the access to a dangerous area in the company to non-authorized vehicles (es. Atex zone)

Interaction with the environment

Interaction with the forklift





Kiwi-Cross is equipped with two omnidirectional antennas: the first one delimits the "SAFE" areaand the second one, installed on the forklift, receives the signal activating the activates the predefined measures.

The system, if configured, slows down all means in the area which are equipped with Kiwi-Cross devices. Once the vehicles are outside the restricted area, they regain its normal speed and functionality.

Kiwi-Cross allows to protect pedestrians in the area if they are equipped with tag.

Kiwi-Cross-AI is equipped with a camera which has artificial intelligence that can be installed near a dangerous area.

The system detects pedestriansmoving in the areabent down or people from behind with a high degree of accuracy and reactivity.

Kiwi-Cross-Ai allows a 360° coverage of the "SAFE" areawarning approaching vehicles on the opposite side by a lighting signal.


Environments detection

It is possible to install markers to adapt the activities of the vehicle to the company area.

Increase Safety

Kiwi-Cross and Kiwi-Cross-Ai increase safety in the areas targeted by the devices.

Highly customisable

The system is highly customisable through device configuration.

Easy to install 

The installation is very simple and it can be easily made by your operators.


regulates the speed of the vehicle in accessing covered areas

How it works?

The system regulates the speed of the vehicle when coming from outside to covered inside areas.

The device is installed directly on the vehicle and automatically reduces the speed of vehicles as a result of the roof detection.

The ceiling radar detects areas up to the height of 15 metres.

The system is configurable and equipped with 3 relays which operate at different speeds depending on the height of the detected area.




Thanks to the integration with the ETS system for the monitoring and analysis of the forklift parameters, it is possible to access the 4.0 facilities.

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