Optimization of the trucks fleet

Data analysis as an element to realize your idea of an automated, secure and interconnected company.

Advanced technologies for your company.

The ETS system is an innovative tool capable of collecting, processing and analyzing the data collected by the sensors on the machine. On Kiwisat, the company fleet management software developed by Kiwitron for vehicle dealers and hirers, it will be possible to view the information in the form of graphs and statistics. 

The data analysis allows you to monitor the activities of the mobile machine, check the parameters of use, the state of conservation, wear and operation, to guarantee your customers the safety of the machine. 

Some of the main functions of the ETS system that are useful in terms of efficiency and residual value of the asset are:

  1. shock detection: 3-axis accelerometer to know how much the shock is strong and serious;
  2. battery analysis:lead-acid batteries are susceptible to incorrect charging, thanks to the ETS system we can immediately get the information of a bad recharge (baby bottle);
  3. working hours divided into key hours and hours of real activity;
  4. access control:: recognizes and enables the use of the vehicle only to operators who are really suitable, also analyzing their driving style.

Operator checklist

The ETS system allows to start the vehicle only after filling out a pre-operational checklists required by Legislative Decree 81/08, also known as the "Unique text" about safety. The employer is therefore forced to analyze the correct condition of the lifting vehicle before using it. 

Kiwitron fleet management will ask the operator to check and verify some driving and electrical parameters that can be adjusted and will request an electronic signature at the end of the process. The checklists and any problems or inadequacy will be notified to the vehicle manager.

Logistic efficiency

Thanks to the flows analysis and graphs of the fleet WorkLoad


The analysis of the real-time fleet driving status is a fundamental parameter in terms of savings. For example, the ETS system allows you to check how many vehicles are working at the same time.

This data is useful to know which are the less used vehicles compared to the most used ones. This is helpful to increase the residual value at the end of the rental service or when taking out of the service.


tracciamento percorsi kiwisat
Spaghetti charts

Thanks to the localization systems (such as GPS, GNSS, RTLS), Kiwitron's cloud generates an analysis of data flows represented through spaghetti charts.

Thanks to this analysis, it has been reduced a waste in terms of time, resources, etc.. that is part of the productive process when using the fleet.



Our Safety systems for risk reduction in the company

The Fleet Manager system can be integrated with obstacle detection sensors: ETS is not just data, but also active safety.

Collision Prevention System

The ETS system integrated with the anti-collision device makes it possible to drastically reduce accidents involving vehicles and / or pedestrians. Thanks to Ultra Wide Band (UWB) technology, known for its very good reactivity and high precision, the ETS system analyzes the surrounding area by activating the vehicle's safety measures in a semi-automatic mode in case of danger. 

The system activates the progressive slowdown of the vehicle thanks to the two different detection areas.

Lane radar

Thanks to Lidar technology and Microwave technology, the ETS system allows to warn the operator, acting as an assistant system during the driving hours and detect any obstacle in the work environment.

These technologies allows to get a high level of precision (millimetric in case of Lidar) and transform the radar in a really useful tool if you need to do complex operation / maneuver.

Case study: LOG.IN
LOG.IN reports the optimization data of his fleet - Partnership with Kiwitron

LOG.IN., a leading company in the rental of Jungheinrich forklifts, was the first to believe in the digitalization process and in the transition plan 4.0. Indeed, LOG.IN. has invested in digitalization and Kiwitron fleet manager products for several years.

"Today, there are over one hundred vehicles LOG.IN on which the ETS systems have been placed - has declared Pier Luigi di Lecce, owner of the company from Turin - and the number will grow. We have been in the Logistic Industrial field from 1994 and now more than ever, there is a high request of smart forklifts, interconnected and highly efficient, that cannot be ignored. The answer we offer is a smart answer, the one that implies looking at the future of our company exactly how we look at the future of our products, developing new solutions in line with the needs of the market every day. The company is growing and also the awareness that the market needs continuous innovation and above all security, concept that we must defend and whose behalf we must research".

LOG.IN has been the first to analyze the real value of the new industrial revolution 4.0, getting over € 1,000.00 savings per semester each forklift they had in the fleet. Read the article

Kiwitron's experience

Kiwitron collaborates with the largest Italian importers and manufacturers of lifting, earthmoving and agriculture vehicles. Over 5000 devices working every day allow the improvement of the fleet of dozens and dozens of partners, who thanks to Kiwitron can reach the frontiers of the new industrial revolution 4.0.