Fleet Management and AI tools: the application advantages on the construction site

Fleet Management and AI tools: the application advantages on the construction site

fllet management cantieri

In recent years we have seen technologies such as IoT and Artificial intelligence become topics on the agenda in various production sectors. There digitization has become part of our daily life and we can be sure that in the future we will no longer do without portals in cloud, predictive and automation analysis of managerial practices.

The world of construction sites is no exception to the rule, and is, indeed, all the more affected by the change. Particularly expensive fleets require extremely accurate monitoring and constant preventive maintenance. Based on safety and use requirements and environmental conditions, it is advantageous for every company to adopt adaptable sensor systems.

Earth-moving machinery: the main management challenges

fllet management cantiere

Experience shows that this type of machine is particularly exposed to damage due to use and often unpredictable wear. Numerous uncontrollable factors related to the environment - such as extreme temperatures, sloping ground, chemical aggression, packing phenomena - must be taken into account in the cost evaluation. And possibly, to impose a revision of the instructions provided by the manufacturer.

Furthermore, controllable factors also constantly affect the efficiency of the machine. Additional equipment and accessories may be misused or insufficiently used. The weight limits of the loads can be violated; Incorrect driving habits of the operator can cause damage progressively, endangering the workers and undermining the ROI of the company. 

For this reason, the moments dedicated to control and maintenance must become routine steps to avoid accidents, waste and heavy downtime.

The Kiwitron solution: Fleet Management range and use of big data

In the supervision of the construction site, sophisticated fleet management tools are becoming valuable allies to optimize the use of resources. The systems of fleet managementin fact, they show the data relating to the machine and the operator's guide in real time, making them easily readable and interpretable by their management software. 

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Kiwitron offers a range of products Fleet Management which differs from similar systems for the wide degree of integration between the installed components and the cloud portal.

Thanks to GPS localization, access control and the use of intelligent sensors, Kiwitron has designed a versatile system suitable for on-site applications.

For Kiwitronfurthermore, the use of big data is the key to accessing a further extraction of value and / or knowledge: within the company, this involves the continuous evolution of specific analytical technologies and methods to allow ever more extensive data collections, in terms of volume, speed and variety.

The ad hoc projects that the company develops in collaboration with its customers promise further implementations of the ETS range, in line with a transition towardsIndustry 4.0 which, even in Italy, is becoming increasingly dynamic and competitive.

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