How to make your fleet sustainable in 3 steps

How to make your fleet sustainable in 3 steps


The environmental issue has become a matter of interest for managers in all sectors, especially following the transformations caused by the pandemic. The largest investment fund company in the world, Blackrock, recommends rapid reallocation of capital in 2022 in line with the market needs imposed by climate change. Even in the industrial sector, today it is necessary to make the company fleet sustainable.

Fortunately, the tools for assessing the sustainability of companies have become increasingly refined, the criteria increasingly measurable and certain. Implementing green strategies has become common practice. Making the ecological transition in Italy is the theme at the center of the major decision-making tables: also the PNRR foresees investments with a view to transition ecological.

From establishing a corporate identity through CSR - Corporate Social Responsibility - we have moved on to assigning a increasing value to ESG parameters - Environment, Social, and corporate Governance. 

The ESG is a set of practices useful to establish, in a quantifiable way, the soundness of company processes in environmental and social terms. Today, it is an essential evaluation method to measure the competitiveness of a company and define successful rankings among businesses.

Often, however, it's not as easy to understand how to make your business sustainable - and to implement change in the tight schedule of routine operations.

Kiwitron, a hi-tech company specializing in solutions for the digitalization of industrial processes, knows how to make your fleet sustainable.

Here are Kiwitron's 3 tips to quickly reach high standards of efficiency, for substantial savings in resources and energy:

Fully digitize processes 

Monitor, manage and interconnect the data of all company activities through one or more software. This allows you to monitor the use of resources and make it transparent.

Adopt artificial intelligence 

A well-integrated software to company machines allows to know their performances, but not necessarily to interpret them correctly. In fact, it can take a lot of time and expertise to interpret the data.

The algorithms of artificial intelligence, if implemented in the software, they immediately provide the answers useful for monitoring the company's KPIs, through machine learning and predictive data analysis. 

Use tools for predictive maintenance

Opting for intelligent maintenance means taking full advantage of the machine and changing it only when necessary. It means being able to manage the fleet according to its true potential, knowing the residual life of each vehicle. In case of sale of the asset, it means being able to attribute its actual value to it, without the risk of underestimating it. 

To reach this level of awareness, it is necessary to integrate those useful for predictive maintenance into one's management tools.

To achieve these three objectives, Kiwitron designs, develops and manufactures devices and software specifically designed for the needs of an industrial fleet. 

software kiwisat - ets
ETS and Kiwisat software for fleet management

The competitive advantages of the sustainable fleet

In addition to the digitization of business processes, which allows the dematerialization of information and paper savings, Kiwitron provides tools for the correct interpretation of data. First of all, the ETS Fleet Management system integrated with the Kiwisat artificial intelligence management software, created by the R&D team of the Bologna-based company. 

Here are the most effective interventions for optimizing your fleet in a sustainable way.

Battery monitoring

Kiwitron's Data Science team developed for the software Kiwisat a sophisticated detection algorithm anomalies and incorrect behavior in the use of batteries of vehicles. 

Among the harmful uses that can be identified, we identify the partial charges - the so-called bottle feeding. Bad habit widespread especially in the world of the very common lead-acid batteries, which lose a life cycle with each incomplete charge. The correct behavior to optimize its use is to always carry out a total recharge.

Discouraging bottle feeding and monitoring the correct use of batteries allows for fundamental saving practices to ensure the energy efficiency of the fleet, and more.

Predictive maintenance 

The analysis of the batteries, coordinated with the other diagnostic functions of the ETS Fleet Manager, also allows the implementation of predictive maintenance in the company. 

Predictive maintenance is one of the most virtuous procedures to be integrated into business processes for a sustainable goal. It consists in the possibility of planning interventions based on the forecast of wear, damage and consumption of machinery, their components and equipment. This type of practice is made possible only by technologically advanced tools such as those of the Bolognese company. 

This prediction is based on artificial intelligence and the machine learning. These data analysis techniques are designed and developed by the Kiwitron R&D team and allow to know the future behavior of devices and machines. 

This results in economic and ecological advantages: thanks to predictive maintenance it is possible to avoid unnecessary downtime, as well as to identify in advance the waste due to the consumption of the parts of the vehicle.

Kiwitron's projects to improve corporate sustainability will be a further step towards a full ecological awareness of partner companies. Among the most important updates in this field are:

  • measurement of CO2 emissions from batteries, with relative data analysis, available on the Kiwisat management system;  
  • the identification of energy waste, also monitored on Kiwisat. From the battery to the car, up to the entire fleet.

The information thus obtained will be useful for Energy Managers to monitor company performance in terms of energy saving.

The products and projects developed by Kiwitron are essential to improve the green positioning of virtuous companies according to ESG parameters - with the ensuing benefits in terms of taxation and optimization of resources.

Kiwitron offers solutions to improve processes at an economic and ecological level, creating increasingly innovative and intuitive tools, with immediate benefits for partner companies.

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