How to manage and schedule maintenance with Kiwisat

How to manage and schedule maintenance with Kiwisat

Kiwisat is the fleet management software that allows you to monitor vehicles in real time and schedule maintenance remotely.

Carrying out regular checks on maintenance means making the work environment safer and maintaining high performance within the company. 

L'maintenance activities has undergone important changes in recent years, evolving from a simple repair of the fault to a more complex activity that involves interventions prevention and staff training.

In fact, all the processes inherent to the management of the company fleet, such as maintenance or the organization of activities, can be carried out in a simpler and safer way thanks to the automation and digitization of processes. 

What are the benefits of business maintenance

The purpose of the maintenance activity is to keep the equipment in a functional state, in order to preserve the safety of workers and industrial environments. 

In this way, it is possible reduce costs management and production losses caused by the wear of machinery. Lack of maintenance or inadequate control can cause accidents, but also inefficiency and a consequent increase in labor costs in the long run.  

Maintenance, therefore, is essential to keep equipment in good condition and operational. In particular, carrying out regular maintenance allows you to: 

  • keep a safe environment for workers;
  • optimize i times in corporate logistics;
  • increase the residual value of the medium;
  • reduce costs of exercise.

In summary, the care of the implants can affect the health and safety of workers and on the production level of a company.

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How to schedule maintenance from the Kiwisat management system

A preventative maintenance plan that involves the use of dedicated software can decrease the risk of accidents either near-miss and, consequently, accidents and damage to production.

Kiwisat is Kiwitron's fleet management software and allows you to monitor the working parameters of the vehicles and prevent any damage by analyzing the data.

Kiwisat, interconnected to the Fleet Management ETS of Kiwitron, allows you to view the status of the fleet in real time and program maintenance remotely. Through the Kiwisat portal it is possible to schedule interventions and keep a log of all activities on the cloud. 

Manage maintenance with checklists

Kiwisat it also allows you to customize the types of control, or create specific checklists. In fact, in addition to regular maintenance, the management system allows each operator to check the operation of the vehicle on a daily basis by filling in the checklists. 

The checklist are a list of checks useful to verify that the vehicle has not suffered damage that could compromise safety and extend production times.

For each checklist it is possible to view the date, the type, the operator who filled it in and the completion status of each vehicle. In addition, the system allows you to schedule maintenance based on hours of use or the kilometers traveled by the vehicle.  

Using state-of-the-art fleet management software offers benefits in many industries and improves efficiency and productivity.

Kiwisat communicates by all means by connecting to Fleet Management by Kiwitron, creating one secure data exchange it's a interconnected system which guarantees efficient management of resources.

Kiwitron is a leading company in the field ofIndustry 4.0 which aims to renew the corporate structure and the productivity of each company.

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