With Growers of Emotions at Christmas we give away responsible products

With Growers of Emotions at Christmas we give away responsible products


Christmas is the time to take stock, also with regard to corporate social responsibility. For this reason, for the second consecutive year, Kiwitron has chosen the product boxes of Emotion growers – the social farming platform which brings together the stories and products of many small Italian farms. 

Coltivatori di Emozioni connects small Italian farmers with a wider market through its online platform. Thanks to the reference on the net, we are able to discover the identities and activities of the companies that have joined the project, therefore to explore their range of products and proceed with the purchase. 

Through the discovery of the farm and the concrete support for local crops and productions, the buyer is transformed from a mere consumer to a "sponsor". In addition to receiving individual products or composite boxes at home, you also get a certificate of nominal support, which helps to make farmers participate in the mission.

Choosing Emotion Farmers is a matter of values

Through the partnership with Coltivatori di Emozioni, Kiwitron chooses not only to promote genuine products and ecological methods, but also to convey a message in accordance with its brand identity. 

Emotions Farmers and Kiwitronin fact, they share core values: the centrality of people and the importance of cultivating their passions, the link with the territory and quality control, the environmental sustainability of the productions, their excellence. 

Furthermore, we are particularly attentive to the occasions when tradition and innovation meet. Coltivatori di Emozioni manages to bring to light in a digital place the work of the earth, linked to natural customs and rhythms. Similarly, Kiwitron seeks to innovate the fabric of industrial production with cutting-edge technologies. Preserving the best of the past, adopting innovation responsibly, for Kiwitron is a wish and a goal to share.


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