Pre-operational checklists: security at your fingertips

Pre-operational checklists: security at your fingertips


For the safe use of an industrial vehicle, it is essential to check the condition of the machine. Before installing himself to drive the vehicle, the operator is required to complete one check-list of controls recommended.

Kiwitron's pre-operational checklists are an effective tool for supporting the safety and efficiency of the fleet. In fact, if the old check-lists included long paper forms, which lent themselves well to a distracted and hasty compilation, the check-lists through touch screen of the ETS system they eliminate the risk of a rough inspection, thus reducing the occurrence of unexpected malfunctions, damage and accidents.

What are the benefits of Kiwitron checklists?

The checklists designed by Kiwitron are distinguished by the following features:

  • they are digital;
  • they can be preset between 1 and 50 questions;
  • it is possible to set a minimum time for the completion of the checks, which can be configured according to the time deemed necessary. Thanks to this optional configuration, if the operator finishes the compilation prematurely with respect to the minimum time for a correct check, the machine will in any case remain blocked;
  • the questions can be customized according to the customer's needs;
  • the questions appear in scattered and always different order;
  • the manager can view the operator's responses in real time on Kiwisat and, if not, send for maintenance or unlock the vehicle.
Checklist, view from Kiwisat

How does the ETS checklist work?

The compilation of the checklist, according to the standard ETS settings, is mandatory before being able to identify the operator and gain access to the vehicle. 

To activate the check-list, the operator must hold the badge on the left side of the ETS Touch screen, or enter his PIN with the numeric keypad on the screen. After that, the first question on the checklist will immediately appear on the screen. Under the text of the question, it will be possible to:

  • answer affirmatively, by pressing the check mark on a green background;
  • answer negatively by pressing the x on a red background;
  • by pressing the blue release button, if present, start the machine for a configurable period of time, useful for carrying out the check before answering with the green button or the red button.

Once the checklist has been completed in a minimum time of 10 minutes, the actual login will take place. The login identifier of the operator can take place automatically, after the last reply sent. Alternatively, the request for a second pass of the badge can be configured on the left side of the screen. The second login with badge will be valid as a "signature" of the completion and assumption of responsibility of the operator on the accuracy of the answers.

Kiwitron's commitment to safety and sustainability

The digital pre-operational check-lists have the purpose of simplifying, regulating and systematizing the operations for checking the status of the vehicle. The settings of the ETS system, thanks to the characteristics listed above, make it extremely difficult to fill in the list negligently and impossible to complete it. Work safety will thus be increased through a simple and intuitive system. 

Furthermore, digital checklists allow savings on paper that would otherwise be used for forms, to the benefit of the environment and bureaucratic procedures.

In addition to checklists, Kiwitron has created numerous safety support systems for your company. Do you want to know all the potential of our range of sensors?


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