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Industry 4.0 - Safety passes through technological innovation

Kiwitron is committed every day to the development of innovative solutions to increase safety in industrial environments and companies. As is known, the action zones of the operating machines must be organized in such a way as to minimize the risks for the operators and users of those areas. Therefore, equip the means ...
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How to improve safety inside your factory

To keep your company safe, there are various, practical and innovative, useful systems. The first thing that must be guaranteed to employees who work in a certain place is safety, be an office or a factory, or other spaces. To avoid everything ...
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2G and 3G worldwide shutdown: what is going on and which products can be still used?

The 2G and 3G networks now become a distant mirage, a memory that has already vanished almost completely into thin air. The fact is gradually occurring all over the world, not only in Italy: the connections to this type of connection are gradually being completely cut. The reason for ...
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