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Kiwisat news: how to manage the fleet in a 4.0 perspective

We recently released an update of the Kiwisat web portal that includes new 4.0 features and new aspects of the user interface. Kiwisat, the fleet management software developed by Kiwitron, allows you to monitor the working conditions of the vehicles through the use of sensors connected to the cloud. The collection, calculation, analysis of ...
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Kiwi-Call: the automatic call system for 4.0 logistics

Kiwi-Call, Kiwitron's new communication system for operators and forklift drivers, allows you to increase business efficiency through automation. Kiwi-Call, integrated with the ETS Fleet Management, allows access to 4.0 concessions on all types of industrial vehicles. The control, simplification and optimization of logistics are a vital need for every company. Corporate logistics is ...
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Comparing technologies: Lidar, UWB and artificial intelligence

In the following article we will compare new technologies such as UWB (Ultra Wide Band), LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) and AI (Artificial Intelligence) and their applications in the logistics field. Lidar, UWB and AI technologies have revolutionized manufacturing environments, from merchandise management to workplace safety. In particular, we will talk ...
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How to manage workspaces with Kiwisat

We have implemented the Kiwisat web portal for fleet management in Slavic languages and we have improved the configuration of the workspaces. From today it is possible to select the language directly from the drop-down menu and manage the business areas of each customer in a simple and intuitive way. Kiwisat, the software for managing the ...
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