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Open API, an advantage for your business

Behind the interactions between computers, software or parts of software programmed in a different way, there are programming interfaces that allow the exchange of data. These interfaces are called APIs – Application Programming Interfaces – and can be public (open API) or private. APIs are tools that facilitate digitization, making numerous applications possible…
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How much does an electric motor cost? The secret to savings

Anyone dealing with electric or hybrid fleets knows that behind the costs associated with the electric motor there are the costs of maintaining and managing the batteries. But how can you increase your savings? The electric motor today represents the future of the automotive market, but not only. Today the electric motor is also designed for ...
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Nuova grafica Kiwisat

New graphics for Kiwisat: the Kiwitron management software is more user-friendly

ale for fleet management gets a makeover. The Kiwitron team has made changes to the graphics of the system for a better use by the user. 


The plan of your plant now on Kiwisat in the new "areas" section

There is a new section on the Kiwisat portal: it is called “areas” and allows you to optimize the management of your workspaces. It can be found in the menu on the left and is highlighted by a green flag. It will therefore be possible to have an overview of the areas and work activities at their ...
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Pre-operational checklists: security at your fingertips

For the safe use of an industrial vehicle, it is essential to check the condition of the machine. Before installing himself to drive the vehicle, the operator is required to complete a check-list of recommended checks. Kiwitron's pre-operational checklists are an effective tool for supporting the safety and efficiency of the fleet. In fact, if the old checklists included ...
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Heat maps: prevent risk in real time

Kiwitron has developed the heat maps function, to monitor in real time the events reported by the detection and remote control systems on board the machinery (shocks, alarms, etc.). You will therefore be able to improve the efficiency of your vehicles and the safety of your plant. Kiwisat, Kiwitron's Fleet Management system for fleet management, counts ...
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