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dvr cos'è

What is the DVR, why it is mandatory and when it is necessary to update it

The DVR - Risk Assessment Document - is a compendium and assessment report of all the risks to which the workers of a company are exposed. The content must be calibrated on the context of each working reality and the responsibility for its correctness and exhaustiveness lies solely with the employer. The DVR is…
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Carbon footprint: what it is and why knowing it is the future of business

The carbon footprint represents a quantitative assessment of the impact of human activities on the environment in terms of greenhouse gas emissions. It is expressed in tons of carbon dioxide, where the ton of CO2 equivalent is the standard unit of measurement also for the other greenhouse gases identified by the Kyoto Protocol. Greenhouse gases are the following: dioxide…
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CAN bus: at the origins of data interconnection

The "Controller Area Network" bus, or CAN bus, is the main communication protocol between the various control units present in vehicles. Not only that: designed to operate in environments subjected to high electromagnetic waves, today it is a conventional standard also for numerous industrial applications, where immunity to disturbances becomes a fundamental requirement. As a language…
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Open API, an advantage for your business

Behind the interactions between computers, software or parts of software programmed in a different way, there are programming interfaces that allow the exchange of data. These interfaces are called APIs – Application Programming Interfaces – and can be public (open API) or private. APIs are tools that facilitate digitization, making numerous applications possible…
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DIY art: creativity in the age of artificial intelligence 

Art is the representation of an idea, and its practice requires long experience and excellent abstraction skills. For this reason, making art is traditionally considered a task for the few. Artificial intelligence has also recently been revolutionizing the artistic sphere, through applications and programs that allow us to immediately transpose what we have in mind into an image. Exists…
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intelligenza artificiale tecnologia

AI is also creative: the technology that turns your words into art

Driving systems, smart sensors, facial recognition, voice assistants, chatbots. These are just a few examples that show us how artificial intelligence is one of the best known and most widespread technologies. But why is there so much talk about it? Artificial intelligence is an "enabling" technology, that is, it allows us to improve performance and carry out activities of…
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