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How to manage and schedule maintenance with Kiwisat

Kiwisat is the fleet management software that allows you to monitor vehicles in real time and schedule maintenance remotely. Carrying out regular checks on maintenance means making the work environment safer and maintaining high performance within the company. The maintenance activity has undergone important changes in recent years, evolving ...
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Safety at work: Near-miss analysis with Kiwi-eye

Acting preventively, analyzing risks and using suitable equipment means investing in safety and risk prevention. Kiwi-eye, the intelligent camera that detects pedestrians and forklifts, allows you to perform an analysis of dangerous areas and near-misses in the workplace. By definition, industrial safety means a specific condition in ...
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Kiwi-eye news: how to recognize industrial signage

The functionalities of the Kiwi-eye are constantly evolving. The latest generation camera detects all types of vehicles, pedestrians and also the signs placed in the work areas. Kiwitron's driver assistance systems innovate the field of logistics, bringing advantages in terms of efficiency and productivity. Kiwi-eye is the proximity system ...
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Kiwisat news: how to manage the fleet in a 4.0 perspective

We recently released an update of the Kiwisat web portal that includes new 4.0 features and new aspects of the user interface. Kiwisat, the fleet management software developed by Kiwitron, allows you to monitor the working conditions of the vehicles through the use of sensors connected to the cloud. The collection, calculation, analysis of ...
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