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The plan of your plant now on Kiwisat in the new "areas" section

There is a new section on the Kiwisat portal: it is called “areas” and allows you to optimize the management of your workspaces. It can be found in the menu on the left and is highlighted by a green flag. It will therefore be possible to have an overview of the areas and work activities at their ...
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Power Unit F1: the electric motor in the lead for 2026

Today we decide on the future of power units. To the vote of the FIA the specifications of the PUs that will see the light from 2026, thanks to the technological contribution of years of research. Once again, the spectacle and the very way of thinking about the development of engines will change, which are increasingly hybrid, efficient and ecological. Power Unit F1: technologies ...
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How to use an excavator? The rules for safety

The excavator is the most suitable machine for excavating and is one of the most common earthmoving machines on site. It is designed to be able to remove large quantities of rocks or soil, going deep. It meets specific construction requirements and is equipped with certain technological tools. For this reason, using an excavator requires special skills to ...
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Pre-operational checklists: security at your fingertips

For the safe use of an industrial vehicle, it is essential to check the condition of the machine. Before installing himself to drive the vehicle, the operator is required to complete a check-list of recommended checks. Kiwitron's pre-operational checklists are an effective tool for supporting the safety and efficiency of the fleet. In fact, if the old checklists included ...
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What are earth-moving machines?

Earth moving machines are used by industry to remove, move and shape large portions of land or rock. The purposes can be multiple: construction, infrastructural, demolition, reorganization of agricultural, river and maritime areas, for mining or timber extraction, and many other activities related to construction or land management. THE…
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Earth moving machines. Better new or used?

Earth-moving machines are heavy-duty vehicles with an extremely high cost. They can be a strategic asset for your company or a problematic expense item. Making the most of them in the fleet therefore becomes an important issue for optimizing resources. Buying new or used? Rent or purchase? Kiwitron offers you a short investment guide ...
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