Author: Martina Spadoni

Smart Industry Solutions

corsi di formazione 2022

Discover Kiwitron's 2022 training courses

Kiwitron restarts with webinars and 2022 training courses. The novelty of this year is the activation of courses for commercials: fixed appointments to illustrate the product range in detail, with a focused look at the news. The appointments for commercials are added to the two courses already launched in 2021 and proposed again: ETS Software ...
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kisi call automazione logistica

Logistics and automation: Kiwitron 4.0 solutions

Introducing the concept of industrial automation in companies means aiming at improving working conditions and increasing the level of efficiency. Kiwitron, a leading company in the field of Industry 4.0, offers intelligent solutions to innovate the structure of your company. If up to 2018 the turnover of the logistics automation sector was valued at 27 billion dollars, ...
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fllet management cantieri

Fleet Management and AI tools: the application advantages on the construction site

In recent years we have seen technologies such as IoT and Artificial Intelligence become topics on the agenda in various production sectors. Digitization has steadily become part of our daily life and we can be sure that in the future we will no longer do without cloud portals, predictive analysis and the automation of managerial practices. ...
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How to manage and schedule maintenance with Kiwisat

Kiwisat is the fleet management software that allows you to monitor vehicles in real time and schedule maintenance remotely. Carrying out regular checks on maintenance means making the work environment safer and maintaining high performance within the company. The maintenance activity has undergone important changes in recent years, evolving ...
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