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Smart Industry Solutions

Kiwitron guarantees a lasting investment in your vehicles thanks to the use of 4G and LTE-M technologies

Telecommunication systems were created to guarantee the diffusion of a single mobile radio system in Europe and in the world, facilitating the free circulation of people, technologies and services. In this sense, the prospects for the development and migration of wireless and mobile systems towards the fifth generation (5G) and the use of new portions of the spectrum ...
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Safety in production environments passes through Kiwitron's Safety systems

Kiwitron offers safety solutions that are increasingly accurate and in line with customer needs thanks to technological innovation, to increase safety in industrial environments. Kiwitron solutions guarantee a high level of safety in production plants thanks to the installation of safety systems on the machine. In fact, Kiwitron's Safety systems ...
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Industry 4.0 - Safety passes through technological innovation

Kiwitron is committed every day to the development of innovative solutions to increase safety in industrial environments and companies. As is known, the action zones of the operating machines must be organized in such a way as to minimize the risks for the operators and users of those areas. Therefore, equip the means ...
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oil&gas software per controllo erorgazione carburante

Oil & Gas software - Fueling system management

For a large international customer, Kiwitron has created an oil & gas software dedicated to controlling fuel delivery. The use of an access management system makes it possible to quantify and analyze the withdrawal of fuel from the tanks by associating an operator authorized to refuel the vehicles to retrieve information on the liters dispensed. In the case considered ...
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Industria 4.0 carrello elevatore tablet

Industry 4.0 - Integration of a tablet on the forklift

Kiwitron has dealt with the integration of a tablet with the forklift in order to make it compatible with the benefits of industry 4.0. The software developed for the tablet not only allows the operator to communicate with the office for a quick and effective operational interaction between those who have to send the missions and those who have to carry them out, but ...
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