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Smart Industry Solutions

Rental 4.0: the integration between the ETS Fleet Management and iTek4

The collaboration between Kiwitron and Centro Sistemi stems from the desire to propose a 4.0 solution for rental. We add competitive value to businesses. This week we update you on the advantages of the integration between the ETS Fleet Management system by Kiwitron and the iTek4 management software of Centro Sistemi of the Zucchetti Group. The ETS fleet management of ...
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Kiwitron presents the 4.0 ready solution with bar code reader

Kiwitron ETS One together with the bar code reader allows access to the 4.0 concessions on the sale of industrial vehicles such as pallet trucks and wheeled vehicles. Industry 4.0 is a national plan to support businesses in the digitization process born in 2017 with the Transition Plan 4.0. This year, following the renewal of Industry 4.0, we have ...
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Logistics 4.0: how to optimize business processes with Kiwi-Call

Kiwi-Call, Kiwitron's new communication system for logistics, allows you to improve business processes by increasing efficiency. Kiwi-Call, integrated with the ETS Fleet Management, allows access to the 4.0 concessions on all types of vehicles (electric, diesel, helmed, etc). Optimizing logistic processes is a vital need for every company, both within the warehouse ...
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Kiwitron presents the ETS One: the 4.0 solution for helmsmen

The ETS One allows you to access the 4.0 concessions on rental fleets, maintaining high vehicle performance and a safe working environment. One of the most common work tools within companies and warehouses are pallet trucks and helms. These vehicles are essential for the handling of goods thanks to their ...
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How to increase the safety of people in production environments with artificial intelligence

Business digitization takes a step forward thanks to recent computer vision and intelligent sensing techniques, bringing competitive value to businesses in terms of security, productivity and resources. As you know, digitization has brought data to the fore to build new efficient production strategies and intervene on processes in a ...
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Industry 4.0 is renewed with important innovations for companies in terms of investment, timing and savings.

Kiwitron is an expert in the field of Industry 4.0 and is committed every day to the design and development of innovative solutions to bring a real competitive advantage to companies. Industry 4.0 consists of a series of measures capable of encouraging investments for industrial innovation and for the competitiveness of businesses. As is known, industry 4.0 invests ...
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