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Kiwisat App: monitor vehicles even from your phone

Kiwitron releases the Kiwisat app. The remote control and fleet management system for your company is also for smartphones. In the article we explain how it works. Considering the development and increasing importance of mobile devices, activating new communication channels is a fundamental step also in the industrial sector. In many cases the smartphone has become ...
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Mobile elevating platforms and risk prevention

On mobile elevating platforms, safety is often a matter of training, context and risk prevention. Usually, the dangers on board MEWPs derive from improper use of the machine or from human errors: on the construction site, in public areas or on the street. The recurring causes of accidents that occur at high altitudes are ...
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Kiwi-Safe il dispositivo versatile

Kiwi-Safe: the versatile driver assistance device

Kiwi-Safe is the Kiwitron driver assistance device for the operator with LED interface. Integrated with the anti-collision obstacle detection systems, radar and Kiwi-Eye, it allows a more efficient and safe management of the work area. The digitization of processes and the use of advanced technologies improves business efficiency and allows companies to better respond to ...
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Artificial intelligence and lifting: the competitive advantage

The Kiwi-eye artificial intelligence system represents a real innovation in the world of lifting, in terms of quality, mobility and safety at work. Kiwi-eye is an artificial intelligence camera capable of detecting both pedestrians and obstacles. The system can be installed on any type of platform with electric controls. Thanks to ...
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AI and digitalization: how to better manage the industrial fleet

Modern industries can reap many benefits from the digitalization of production processes. But what are the options and strategies to better manage your fleet using Artificial Intelligence systems and new technologies? Today many of the activities that make industrial production faster, more efficient and safer would not be possible without ...
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Circular 9 / E: tax credit for the purchase of capital goods

Circular 9 / E of 23/07/2021 of the Revenue Agency provides some indications concerning the methods of applying tax credits for the purchase of new capital goods. The tax credit for capital goods is a support for companies that want to invest in new tangible or intangible assets. The aim of the incentives is to ...
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