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Smart Industry Solutions

AI and digitalization: how to better manage the industrial fleet

Modern industries can reap many benefits from the digitalization of production processes. But what are the options and strategies to better manage your fleet using Artificial Intelligence systems and new technologies? Nowadays, many of the activities that make industrial production faster, more efficient and more precise would not be ...
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Circular 9 / E: tax credit for the purchase of capital goods

Circular 9 / E of 23/07/2021 of the Revenue Agency provides some indications concerning the methods of applying tax credits for the purchase of new capital goods. The tax credit for capital goods is a support for companies that want to invest in new tangible or intangible assets. The aim of the incentives is to ...
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Kiwitron and CGM together to offer a unique fleet management service

 We interviewed Alberto Gradellini, sales director of CGM, Compagnia Generale Macchine together with the manager of the company's after-sales area. We have analyzed the value of the Fleet Management ETS as an added solution to the CAT product for fleet management. The needs that arise on the market and the need to propose adequate solutions leads every day ...
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Kiwisat news: how to manage the fleet in a 4.0 perspective

We recently released an update of the Kiwisat web portal that includes new 4.0 features and new aspects of the user interface. Kiwisat, the fleet management software developed by Kiwitron, allows you to monitor the working conditions of the vehicles through the use of sensors connected to the cloud. The collection, calculation, analysis of ...
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Kiwi-Call: the automatic call system for 4.0 logistics

Kiwi-Call, Kiwitron's new communication system for operators and forklift drivers, allows you to increase business efficiency through automation. Kiwi-Call, integrated with the ETS Fleet Management, allows access to 4.0 concessions on all types of industrial vehicles. The control, simplification and optimization of logistics are a vital need for every company. Corporate logistics is ...
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Industry 4.0: Solution ready and prepared for comparison

What are the differences between a 4.0 ready solution and a 4.0 ready solution? In the article we explain which are the solutions recommended by Kiwitron to access the 4.0 concessions and increase business efficiency. Kiwitron is an expert in the field of Industry 4.0 and supports companies in the path of digitization, developing innovative solutions and building tailor-made products together.
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