Anticollision Device

Designed to improve risk prevention in companies.

Precise, safe, versatile

The collision avoidance device with tag is a trolley-pedestrian and trolley-trolley detection system and signals the driver of the presence of an obstacle in the maneuvering area, activating an acoustic and visual alarm in case of danger. Sustained forklift speeds, confined areas and poor visibility are a risk factor for the safe movement of people and vehicles. The system consists of a hardware part and a software part for configuring the device functions.

Extremely customizable

Thanks to the most innovative technologies we have created an assistance system for driving the vehicle to reduce the risk of accidents in the work areas of companies.

The driver will be warned by an acoustic and luminous signal of the presence of an obstacle in the maneuvering area; the pedestrian with a vibrating and audible signal using the tag.  

It is possible to configure up to two alarm zones and integrate the solution with the Fleet Management ETS for a complete management of the machine park and operations.

The pawn tag

Worn by pedestrians, comfortable and ultralight, it warns pedestrians if a vehicle approaches beyond the set alarm threshold with an acoustic, luminous and vibrating signal.  

Double alarm zone

Two alarm zones can be configured in which it is possible to set the distance within which to define the emergency functions to be activated in the event of danger (e.g. vehicle slowdown and pedestrian tag activation). 

The advantages at a glance


Thanks to the use of advanced technologies, the system is equipped with an accuracy of 10 cm. Obstacles do not interfere with distance. 


 Both the driver and the pedestrian are warned of the danger by means of an acoustic and luminous signal.

360 degree detection

Sensor with 360 ° detection for monitoring the maneuvering area.

Detection up to 25m

The wide detection range allows to cover large areas connected to the circulation of vehicles and forklifts.

2 Alarm zones

Through the configuration software it is possible to set up to two alarm thresholds: a pre-warning zone and a warning zone.

Speed reduction

It is possible to set the slowdown of the machine if the obstacle enters the pre-warning or warning zone.

Integration with ETS system


ETS device with touch screen interface

The connection with the anti-collision device allows you to view the proximity and number of vehicles and pedestrians in the work area on the ETS touch display. 


Keyless function

Integration with the ETS system makes it possible to recognize the driver and therefore to unlock the cart for use using the tag. 


Shock and near-miss analysis

 Thanks to the near-miss algorithms it is possible to analyze the areas at greatest risk of accidents or dangerous areas and view them on the management system. 

Anti-collision and company traffic

The anti-collision device can be used to manage forklift and forklift activities (e.g. slowdown) in company areas, contributing to safe traffic in the company and to the efficiency of workflows. 


Shopping cart activity

Anti-collision functions

How does it work

Using the anti-collision device as a fixed anchor it is possible to create areas inside the warehouse within which to manage the activities of the vehicle (eg slowdown). 

Following an assessment of the business areas, we will be able to define: 

  • the forklift performance with the activation of relays on the machine;
  • the parameters of the anti-collision system as warning and slowdown zones.
The configuration of the areas and the regulation of the performances allows to invest in safety in the company according to the customer's needs.