4.0 concessions for industrial vehicles

How I can get access to the benefits of the Industry 4.0

Increase security-Improve logistic- Reduce costs

How can we make your trucks 4.0?

The ETS Safety, ETS Touch and ETS transform the forklift in a vehicle 4.0 once they are installed on it..

Thanks to the benefits of the Industry 4.0, it will be possible to access to the super and iper amortization as explained in the Transition Plan 4.0

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Requirement 1

Supervision of the Computer Numerical Control (CNC) and / or Programmable Logic Control (PLC)

The ETS system is integrated with the electronic system of the machine. By means of a PLC programming software it is possible to set up the vehicle' settings directly. In particular:

*Activate the vehicle only through the appropriate RFID badge 

* Activate the automatic slowdown system, block or light signals after an alarm, a collision or an unexpected event

Requirement 2

Interconnection to the computer fabric systems with the chance to upload instructions and/or part of the program remotely

The ETS system can be connected to the fabric system to receive instructions remotely. Indeed, thanks to connectivity, the system communicate with the cloud remote control system of the vehicles:

* Configuration of new drivers or modification of existing ones remotely

* Changing of alarm thresholds such as shock thresholds or battery charge level 

Requirement 3

Automated integration with the factory logistic management system or with the supply network and / or with other machines of the production cycle.

The ETS system includes a display, thanks to a simple integration with your customer's management system, you can send:

* Operator tasks (e.g. loading / unloading) directly on the display.

* Remote reporting of problems.

* Vehicle monitoring.

Requirement 4

Simple and user-friendly interface between man and machine

The ETS system is studied to have an immediate approach with the operator, who thanks to the display touch 4.3" can:

* fill out the preliminary checklists before using the vehicle

* receive missions directly on the display.

ets check list prospettiva
MacBook Pro-dashboard

Requirement U1

Remote maintenance and / or remote diagnosis and / or remote control systems.

Thanks to WiFi / GPRS connectivity, the ETS device allows you to have immediately:

* Work cycles

* Battery charges level

* Instantaneous and total currents

* Real working and usage counters

* Ability to disable remote ignition

* Ability to send configurations remotely

Requirement U2

Continuous monitoring of the working conditions and parameters thanks to an appropriate set of sensors and adaptation to process drifts. 

Thanks to the checklist is possible to analyze the real status of the vehicle every work shift and even stopping the vehicle if any problem arise.

The ETS, equipped with sensors, monitors constantly the vehicle parameters and activate appropriate blocks if there are any problems.

* Current Sensor

* Electrolyte sensor

* Battery analyzer and partial charge cycles


ETS Safety 4.0 for semi-automatic driving

Our anti-collision systems for pedestrians and trolleys allows you to re-enter the Industry 4.0 model making the forklift semi-automatic. 

How can I get the tax benefits?

Thanks to the sworn appraisal carried out on the Kiwitron ETS 4.0 system, everything is much faster and simpler.

Identify the most suitable model
together with our technical responsible we will analyze the best solution based on your needs.
We carry out the practice for the sworn report
If you already have a final certification appraiser, we will work with them to get the certification, otherwise we can provide it. 
Get the certification
Get the tax benefits of 4.0 in a completely safe manner thanks to the included insurances.

Thanks to the ETS system we make your vehicles 4.0 getting over 40% of savings!