Efficiency, safety, sustainability for your company

We design, develop and distribute sustainable high-tech solutions for the industry. 

We bring innovation and energy efficiency to your fleet with intelligent sensors, fleet management systems and big data analysis.

27 and 28 June 2022

Kiwitron solutions are the key to digitize the industry: come and discover them at Pianeta Macchine.

By your side to increase the value of your fleet.

S.obstacle detection and driver assistance systems, fleet management; tools for predictive maintenance and solutions for logistic optimization.

All our products are developed, tested and industrialized in Italy. 


Driving assistance systems of the mobile machine.

We have devised a proximity system with artificial intelligence capable of detecting pedestrians, signs and forklifts. Kiwi-Eye activates the slowdown of the car in the event of a risk of collision.

Selective, reliable, competitive.

for safe, efficient and sustainable logistics


From idea to product. We design and manufacture customized electronic boards.

Data Science

We analyze data to identify harmful behavior in advance and prevent harm.


With data collection and parameter analysis you can measure performance and prevent failures.

Artificial intelligence

We use advanced algorithms to train the neural network to extend product functions.

gestione flotta lavapavimenti industria 4.0

Customizable solutions and services for digitization

We carry out the integration between electronic devices and software for the control of processes and the management of vehicle activities, the handling of materials and people, from a preventive and efficiency point of view. In any industrial environment, simply.


ETS & ETS Touch

Datalogger for collecting data on fleet parameters and managing multiple functions on the machine.



Cloud based Fleet Management for the management of activities and the analysis of the use of vehicles.


Collision Prevention System

The collision avoidance device with tag is a trolley-pedestrian detection system.

Optimizing your performance, our goal.

Optimization of the trucks fleet

We have designed the ETS fleet management system to offer companies a tool that does not stop at collecting data, but processes and uses them. 

Thanks to the analysis you can verify the fleet workload, examine the work areas, manage operations, set up customized reports and monitor the status of resources to prevent harmful behavior and downtime.

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