Kiwisat: the intelligent remote control system for your business

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Kiwisat: the intelligent remote control system for your business

Kiwisat allows you to collect and analyze the data of your company fleet, managing the vehicles in real time and remotely. The analysis allows you to optimize logistics and increase the security of your company.

Kiwitron has recently added numerous features on the Kiwisat management software, improving the usability of the remote control software.

Kiwisat, interconnected to the ETS Fleet Management system placed on the vehicle, is a software that allows you to manage and monitor yours multi-brand corporate fleet, with a single device, in real time and remotely.

How does a vehicle remote control system work?

Kiwisat collects data fromETS, which preserves and processes them to increase the safety in the workplace and for to analyze the activities of the vehicles.

Plus Kiwitron's solutions allow you to get important tax breaks,
because they meet the requirements of the transition plan 4.0 dedicated to the digitalization of businesses.

Let's find out in more detail the new features of the Kiwisat management software and how it can help you in the efficient management of your fleet.

There dashboard shows all useful information on the status of your fleet:

- the total number of vehicles stopped and at work;
- the checklists carried out and any problems reported;
- the alarms generated in the last four months;
- which vehicles need maintenance.

The management also informs you about the state of every single medium. For example, battery charges / discharges, hours of work, km traveled, any collisions, driving style of those who use the vehicle and the number of required and completed checklists.

Kiwisat invio dati al cloud

The importance of using data in the remote control of vehicles

The use of data by a company is a fundamental process in the new industrial age.
In fact, the data allows you to measure performance and increase productivity of the company. In particular, they allow to:

- analyze the state of operation of the vehicles;
- monitor and plan fleet activities;
- check the maintenance carried out and plan them where necessary;
- optimize workflows;

For example, if we want optimize the routes of the vehicles we can trace the journey made by each vehicle and monitor the activities carried out during the working period. In other words, by means of satellite localization it is possible to manage the activities of the vehicles in the company areas and plan them.

Furthermore, you can analyze productivity by accessing the statistics section where it is possible
view the use of means. Thus, to monitor the percentages of use of each vehicle with respect to the fleet.

Finally, from the management it is possible check and schedule maintenance of vehicles.

Kiwisat gestione flotta e ottimizza i processi aziendali

Business process optimization

How can the management system improve the planning of the activities of your company fleet?

As mentioned above, the Kiwisat portal does not just collect vehicle data, it stores and processes it.

The system, in fact, generates insights which have the objective of optimizing the activities of the entire fleet. Kiwisat produces amedia analysis based on the hours of use, the kilometers traveled, the alarms generated and the requested and completed checklists, auser analysis based on the hours, km and alarms generated by the operators and achecklist analysis total and not completed.

The management also provides aanalysis of the uses of the fleet, so as to verify the percentage of use of each medium.

Kiwisat sicurezza nei luoghi di lavoro gestione flotta

More safety in industrial environments

The system offers each operator the possibility to fill in one a pre-operational checklist. It is a list of checks that are submitted at the beginning of the shift, to check the proper functioning of the vehicles.

For each checklist it is possible to view the date, the type of control, the operator who filled it in and the vehicle he is using.

The interconnected systems, ETS and Kiwisat, help to make your work environment safer. In fact, if an anomaly is registered or the checklists have not been filled in correctly, the system may cause the block of the vehicle (only if previously activated), generating an alarm thanks to the sensors placed on the vehicle.

In the management there is one alarm section which shows us:
- the vehicle that generated the alarm;
- the date and time when it occurred;
- the affected sensor;

Kiwisat also allows you to create user lists making secure vehicle access management. It allows you to create "groups" of operators and associate them with the related vehicles.
Therefore, with the Kiwisat portal you can enable each individual operator, remotely, to use the vehicle.
The licensed operator will use the personal badge to start the work shift.

Kiwisat servizi di localizzazione e analisi dati

Location and messaging services

In maps section of the kiwisat you can visualize your fleet, keeping under control the position, the movements and the tracks of each single vehicle. In fact, you can improve business productivity by calculating routes based on timing.

The vehicles are marked with icons, which in addition to identifying their position show the current operating status (for example, a red icon indicates that the vehicle is not in operation).

The portal also offers a messaging service that allows the driver to be sent any communications, which he will receive directly on the ETS device in the form of a mission.

Kiwisat nuova interfaccia analisi dati

Kiwisat news

The new kiwisat portal has an intuitive and easy-to-use graphic interface, the new features shown in red in the previous image:

• In the dashboard navigation menu you will find a complete manual for the use of the

• A new widget for the maintenance management which shows how many vehicles in the fleet need maintenance, as a Service / Coupon trigger has expired.

Furthermore, in each section, by clicking on the question mark, you can access one mini online guide relating to each single part of the portal, which explains step by step the use of each section for the management of your fleet.

Industry 4.0: Smart work

Industry 4.0 is a process that arises from the fourth industrial revolution that is transforming industrial environments in favor of a company that is increasingly automated ed interconnected.

This process is based on some fundamental pillars:

Use of company data (big data) centralized and stored by the Fleet Management ETS system.

Data processing thanks to increasingly intelligent systems that are capable of
"Learn" (machine learning), developing the best strategy to increase the
business productivity. In this case carried out by the Kiwisat remote control portal.

What are the advantages of industry 4.0?

In 2017, the 4.0 transition plan was presented in Italy, which supports companies in the digitization process. The plan includes a number of tax incentives and concessions aimed at the use of digital technologies in corporate production.

Kiwitron's systems, satisfying the requirements of the 4.0 transaction plan, allow to obtain important tax breaks in the purchase or rental of vehicles.

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