Free API: how to integrate Kiwisat to your company management system

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Free API: how to integrate Kiwisat to your company management system


Kiwisat, connected to the ETS Fleet Management system, allows you to monitor and analyze data relating to the company fleet in real time.

Thanks to the public and free APIs provided by Kiwitron, all Kiwisat functions can be integrated into other management systems.

The API, Application Programming Interface, are gods communication protocols that allow different software systems to interact and exchange data in a practical and fast way. This technology greatly simplifies communication between devices within the company and enhances the digitalization of processes.

The API they have one wide application and can be used in multiple sectors. Today it is an essential technology to respond effectively to the continuous transformations of the digital market.

schema API gratuite per trasferimento dati

When a user uses a device, it connects to the Internet and sends data to a server. The server retrieves the requested information, interprets it and sends it back to the interface used by the user. An example is the Fleet Management ETS which sends the data relating to the vehicle to the central server.

In summary, the main device connects to other external services, extracts the desired information and presents it to the user in a readable way. This process takes place through aAPI, or a 'application programming interface.

Each API provides instructions forinteraction of two or more systems and contains, within it, all the specifications that indicate how and what information to transfer. Using an interface API, therefore, it is possible to do interact programs or platforms otherwise incompatible with each other.

How to digitize the company safely and effectively: the advantages of APIs

The API favor the connection between different software in a practical and fast way and facilitate communication between the technologies present in the company. The use of programming interfaces is fundamental for business growth and is adopted in many cutting-edge work contexts.

The advantage of including API is that of simplify the exchange of information between different systems. Equipping your programs with API allows software to expand its functionality, respecting the latest security standards.

The API they give added value and favor the'integration of functionality and data between applications. Thanks to this technology it is possible to combine a wide range of systems and make the procedures more dynamics ed efficient.

API gratuite kiwisat

API: how they work

Since the Internet is the most popular communication channel, most programming interfaces are designed according to web standards and use the HTTP communication protocol.

The API they collect useful information from the database, convert them and send them to the client, i.e. the electronic device used by the end user. In this way, the APIs indicate which data to read and how to return it between devices, always maintaining a certain level of safety on the information transferred.

The use of API offers important benefits to end users, such as controlling all activities from one single management. However, they are mainly useful for programmers to integrate different services with each other or to extend the functionality of a program.

The API provided by Kiwitron for integration are public and free pages and allow the company that uses them to simplify and expand their connections.

API gratuite kiwisat gestionale aziendale

Integrate Kiwisat with other management software thanks to Kiwitron's free API

Kiwisat, interconnected to the system of Fleet Management ETS, is a software that allows you to monitor the company fleet with a single device. Kiwisat allows you to collect and analyze vehicle data in real time and remotely.

This type of analysis allows you to optimize logistics and increase the security of the company.

To further increase the capabilities of the product, Kiwitron provides the Free API to integrate the functions of the Kiwisat system into other management systems.

The data stored by the ETS is sent to client, or the devices used by the user, through the Free API provided by Kiwitron.

In this way, all company devices are constantly connected to each other and interact by increasing the process digitization.

Industry 4.0 and software integration

Integrate new software to systems already present in the infrastructure is the goal of logistics 4.0 which aims to renew the corporate organizational structure through the use of advanced technologies.

To simplify the management of activities and optimize the production flow, it is good to strengthen internal communication. In this way, it is possible to increase the sharing of information along all links of the distribution chain.

In this case, the API allow users' devices to be connected to the company plant in a manner safe and efficient.

Furthermore, programming interfaces can be applied to other areas. One of these is theInternet of Things (IoT), a technology that intends to transform different types of objects into intelligent and interconnected devices, with the aim of increasing digitization and therefore the automation of processes.

Automating the company does not mean replacing the infrastructure, but incorporating software and intelligent devices to the existing plant to optimize production and monitor it in real time.

Industry 4.0 integrates physical and digital technologies in order to create work contexts interconnected and advanced.

Kiwitron is a leading company in the field ofIndustry 4.0 and is committed to creating innovative solutions to enhance the efficiency of your business.


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