Kiwi-eye integration with ETS Fleet Management

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Kiwi-eye integration with ETS Fleet Management

Kiwi-eye, Kiwitron's intelligent proximity system, can be integrated with the ETS Fleet Management, taking a step forward in terms of business safety and productivity.

As is well known, artificial intelligence can be defined as a system that mimics or reproduces a human action. In other words, artificial intelligence performs an action as if it were a man performing it.

As we have seen above, Kiwi-eye is a system of artificial intelligence capable of recognizing pedestrians in motion, people bent over, from behind, or partially hidden.

In fact, Kiwi-eye is an artificial vision system that replicates human visual intelligence. In other words, the system is optimized foridentification of people.

The pawn is identified on the touch display of the camera with the color green, yellow or red according to the distance from the vehicle.

The system is able to work in any type of environment, with a detection range of up to 20 meters. Also, you can set up to 3 alarm zones (Alarm, Warning, Safe) configurable according to the vehicle's running signal.

Kiwi-eye integration with the Fleet Management ETS allows you to extend some features of the ETS, obtaining them directly on the touch display of the smart camera.

Integrazione Kiwi Eye Fleet Management ETS

What are the benefits of integrating Kiwi-eye with the ETS Fleet Management?

By integrating Kiwi-eye with the ETS fleet management system, it is possible to:

  • locate vehicles and monitor routes;
  • manage access;
  • collect all useful information on the medium and send it to the cloud;
  • detect pedestrians in the workplace;
  • slow down the vehicle only when necessary, avoiding collision between truck and pedestrian;
  • have the operator fill in the pre-operational checklists before starting the vehicle.

Furthermore, it is possible to install one or more smart cameras on the vehicle to reach one completely control in the area at risk.

Integrazione Kiwi Eye Fleet Management ETS

The integration of Kiwi-eye with the ETS allows you to collect all useful data on the means and at the same time of monitor the environment surrounding while safeguarding the safety of workers.

On the one hand, the collection anddata analysis it is essential in order to maintain high levels of efficiency and profitability in industrial environments.

In fact, the data is collected and analyzed by the remote control cloud where it is possible to have one media overview active and inactive, working hours, km traveled by each vehicle, any alarms and / or anomalies found during the day.

On the other hand, Kiwi-eye is a system capable of maintaining high levels of safety and productivity in companies.

The intelligent camera sees if there is a pedestrian in the maneuvering area of the vehicle and alerts the operator by means of an acoustic and luminous signal only if there is a real risk of collision.

Finally, the integration of Kiwi-eye with the ETS system allows you to have a list of checks on the vehicle status compiled, or pre-operational checklist, before starting the vehicle.

Integrazione Kiwi Eye Fleet Management ETS

Integration with the ETS system: operator checklists

Operator checklists are one checklist on the condition of the vehicle to be submitted to the operator before starting the vehicle. It is possible to set up to 30 customizable questions.

The ETS Fleet Management integrated with Kiwi-eye allows the vehicle to be started only after the compilation of the pre-operational checklists required by Legislative Decree 81/08, also known as the consolidated text on safety.

The system will ask the operator to check certain parameters of the machine by filling in the checklist on the touch display of the smart camera. Once the verification is complete, the system will request the electronic signature of the operator.

The checklists and any anomalies of the vehicle will all be notified to the manager via the messaging service of the system automatically.

In case of anomalies, it is possible to prevent the vehicle from starting and proceed with maintenance in order to speed up the restarting of the vehicle.

Industry 4.0 and future developments of Kiwi-eye

Kiwi Eye

Kiwi-eye is a system capable of evolving over time in order to face the challenges of logistics together with companies.

Furthermore, the system allows you to record any event, related to the working environment, which caused or could cause a collision or an accident (near miss). In this sense, it is possible to obtain aanalysis of dangerous areas and manage them better.

Kiwi-eye will be able to perform new tasks and manage new situations depending on the type of environment in which the system will interact.

In summary, the system will be able to:

  • recognize carts and pedestrians;
  • recognize the signs.

To conclude, Kiwi-eye is an intelligent system capable of revolutionizing safety systems and improving the productivity of companies in work areas.

Finally, kiwi-eye integrated into the ETS Fleet Management allows you to access "Smart factories" benefits. on your means.

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If you want to know more about how pedestrian detection works in a computer vision system, please refer to this article on the Kiwi-eye.

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