Interpersonal distance measures for Covid-19

People at Kiwitron has always been careful about health and security. Today we are ready to go out against an invisible enemy: COVID-19


Safety Distance Warning

Dista-Safe is a PPE crated to counter the COVID-19 (or Corona Virus) emergencyIt helps to drastically reduce the risk of infection. Dista-Safe measures the interpersonal distance and warns the worker in case of minimum safety distance not respected. It vibrates and rings.
Dista-Safe respects hygenic guidelines thanks to its wireless charging and waterproof protection, it can be sanitized in total safety.

Detects and stores gatherings

In the event of people gatherings, Dista-safe's anti-contagion warning light warns plant manager using a LED: red in case of contagion risk, green otherwise.

Dista-safe uses technologies of military origin which allow to have an accuracy of few centimeters avoiding false alarm.

Once the emercency is over, Dista-safe can be reconverted into anti-collision between forkilifts and pedestrian or RTLS applications (see below).

Innovative technologies

Technologies is really important in this moment. In fact, since Dista-safe has to misure interpersonal misure with good accuracy, it needs the right technologies. 

Dista-safe uses UWB technology (Ultra Wide Band), a technology of military origin with 10 centimeters of accuracy! In example, the bluetooth, actually used in this kind of applications, has the accuracy of 2-3 meters.

Obviously, since is really important in this kind of application to avoid false alarms, attention must be paid in technology as it distinguishes a successful project from a total failure


How it works?

  1. The device is given to the operator with the green LED on.

  2. If the operator doesn’t maintain the safety distance the vibration, the light signal and the acoustic alert will be activated.

  3. If the operator remains close to another person more than 5 seconds, the red LED becomes fixed.

  4. At the end of work shift the owner of the company checks the LED status and takes measures in the event of failure to comply with any of the conditions laid down.

  5. The department manager put the device on charging station after having sanitize it for further use.


Can I prevent the loss of device?

If the device is lost or abandoned, it can be traced thanks the Dista- Safe acoustic and light signalling.

How Long does the battery charge?

The battery charge may vary depending the system configuration, it is usually sufficient to cover 3 work shifts. It is therefore recommended to sanitise the device and verify the LED status at the end of each work shift and place the device on the charging station.

How do I know if there was risk of exposure?

Thanks the colors of the LED. Red Led means risk of infection, whereas the green one means the opposite. To reset the status of the LED, it’s necessary put Dista-safe. To reset the initial status it is necessary to set Dista-safe under charge.

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How can be reconverted after Covid-19 emergency?

Dista-Safe reconversion

Security Innovation for your company

Vehicles remote control

Dista-safe can be reconverted to be used in with ETS anti-collision device. ETS allows to:
  • Monitor working hours remotely direcly on your management system
  • Shocks detection thanks to the accelerometer
  • Increaseyour fleet efficienty thank to the checklist at the start of the shift
  • User management directly from cloud
ets diagonale

Real Time Location Sytem

RTLS allow you to make your company's logistics more efficient. Those kind of application are in rapid diffusion, with anonimus tracking of people, assets allows to analyze logistics flows through"spaghetti chart. With RTLS you will able to:
  1. Analyze work flows
  2. Restrict access to certain areas
  3. Measure the time spent in the various areas

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