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Free API: how to integrate Kiwisat to your company management system

Kiwisat, connected to the ETS Fleet Management system, allows you to monitor and analyze data relating to the company fleet in real time. Thanks to the public and free APIs provided by Kiwitron, all Kiwisat functions can be integrated into other management systems. The API, Application Programming Interface, are communication protocols that allow ...
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Kiwisat: the intelligent remote control system for your business

Kiwisat allows you to collect and analyze the data of your company fleet, managing the vehicles in real time and remotely. The analysis allows you to optimize logistics and increase the security of your company. Kiwitron has recently added numerous features on the Kiwisat management software, improving the usability of the remote control software. Kiwisat, interconnected to the system ...
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Kiwi-eye integration with ETS Fleet Management

Kiwi-eye, Kiwitron's intelligent proximity system, can be integrated with the Fleet Management ETS, taking a step forward in terms of business safety and productivity. As is well known, artificial intelligence can be defined as a system that mimics or reproduces a human action. In other words, artificial intelligence performs an action as if it were a man ...
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Rental 4.0: the integration between the ETS Fleet Management and iTek4

The collaboration between Kiwitron and Centro Sistemi stems from the desire to propose a 4.0 solution for rental. We add competitive value to businesses. This week we update you on the advantages of the integration between the ETS Fleet Management system by Kiwitron and the iTek4 management software of Centro Sistemi of the Zucchetti Group. The ETS fleet management of ...
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