Kiwi Zone Plus & Light: Explore the world of industrial automation

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Kiwi Zone Plus & Light: Explore the world of industrial automation

Kiwi-Zone Plus & Light Safety Light gestione mezzi

Kiwitron is at the service of modern companies, offering cutting-edge technologies and smart systems capable of guaranteeing safety and maximum productivity.

Kiwi Zone Plus & Light allows you to manage vehicle activities in company areas through access control and slowdown.

Nowadays, automation is carving out an increasingly important space in the field of industrial production.

This technology acts on the devices and guarantees it automatic development of a process.

A high level of automation implies a reduced human intervention, therefore greater fluidity and uniformity of operations and a constant increased productivity.

Kiwi-Zone Plus is an automated control system that monitors work activity and the movement of vehicles to increase safety in specific areas, defined as "SAFE" areas.

Using radio waves, the system recognizes the vehicle in the affected area and manages its accesses. Kiwi-zone Plus installation is simple and can be done by your trusted operator.

There Safety Light is a modern lighting system, capable of projecting symbols or beams of light to delimit the work and maneuver areas. The lamps can also be applied to vehicles of various sizes and function correctly at different height levels.

This solution avoids the normal costs of repainting classic signage.

Kiwi-Zone Plus & Light sistema sicurezza magazzino

The Safety Light applied to Kiwitron devices

Kiwi Zone Plus & Light it is a safety aid system, controls the access of vehicles in the work areas and improves the performance of vehicles in transit. Movement management is regulated by Safety Light systems or traffic lights placed near the doors.

The system was developed following the request of a client to automate the opening of the doors of its warehouse by means of a system that detects the arrival of the vehicle in the access areas.

Kiwitron has designed a Zoning system able to detect the arrival and transit of vehicles and activate the opening and closing of doors automatically, managing the flow of vehicles in the workplace in total safety. The sensors installed on the access doors detect the vehicle arriving in the "SAFE" area and control its movement through radio signals.


Vehicle speed is limited by the Kiwi Zone system in areas adjacent to the door. Upon opening, the vehicle enters the next area and slows down near a second barrier. In case of green light, the system allows the vehicle to access the warehouse in a way autonomous and sure.

In the presence of several means, the system implements the same principle in succession. The first vehicle is driven towards the warehouse and, once the transit area is cleared, access to the other vehicles is allowed.

In general, every time a vehicle enters a sensitive area, the vehicle slows down automatically. Conversely, it picks up speed when it leaves the control zone.

To avoid accidents, the Zoning system avoids the transit of several vehicles at the same time and, if necessary, can deny access to unauthorized vehicles. Furthermore, if the vehicle used is a forklift truck, the system keeps the forks lowered during access.

Kiwi-Zone Plus & Light Safety Light gestione magazzino

Automation integrated into the infrastructure: installation and operation of Kiwi-Zone Plus & Light

The system includes the installation of a pair of antennas on the doors, an antenna for each vehicle and the application of signaling systems via traffic light indicators equipped with LED light and sounds (traffic light) or, alternatively, Safety Light.

The antennas allow you to control the speed of travel of the vehicles and coordinate the signal lights placed near the doors. The light green, yellow or red indicates to the vehicle the possibility of moving forward, the obligation to stop or leave the passage free for other transits.

All devices are easy to install, environmentally resistant and built to last.

A little more about the Safety Light

Proper lighting in the workplace improves safety and accident prevention. Today there are innovative solutions that guarantee effective protection and improve the working conditions of employees.

The Safety Light is a functional lighting system and avant-garde. Unlike classic signage with paintable paint or adhesive strips, this system is clearly visible in any type of environment and is not subject to wear, guaranteeing a net optimization of costs.

Safety Light lamps and projectors can be applied in working environments to delimit emergency exits and specific areas or, in addition, on means to indicate the vehicle's maneuvering areas.

All Safety Light systems are made in collaboration with Progtech srl., a leading company in the design and manufacture of LED lighting devices.

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