Kiwi-Zone Plus & Anticollision: when automation is synonymous with safety

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Kiwi-Zone Plus & Anticollision: when automation is synonymous with safety


Kiwitron products are a guarantee of efficiency, increase the productivity of companies and reduce the risk of accidents thanks to the installation of Safety Systems on the machine.

Kiwitron offers intelligent solutions to innovate the field of logistics and security. Kiwitron's Safety proposals are in line with the customer's needs and guarantee maximum productivity, without sacrificing safety.

Kiwi-Zone Plus is an automated control system that manages the flow of company vehicles in specific areas, defined as "SAFE" areas.

By means of a Zoning system, the device is able to detect the arrival of vehicles and activate the opening and closing of the doors automatically. The sensors installed on the doors detect the oncoming vehicle and control its movement through radio signals.

anti-collision device Kiwitron prevents accidents between pedestrians and moving vehicles in the workplace.

The system is installed on vehicles and detects the distance of surrounding vehicles or people equipped with the appropriate tag. Therefore, in case of danger, the driver and the pedestrian will be warned through three different types of signals: visual, acoustic and vibrating.

The advantages of the Kiwi-Zone Plus integrated with the anti-collision device

Kiwi-Zone Plus & Anti-collision is a safety aid system. The device controls the access of vehicles in the work areas and reduces the risk of accidents thus avoiding accidental collisions between vehicles and workers.

The system was developed following the request of a customer for a device capable of detecting the arrival of a vehicle, slowing down its speed near the doors and avoiding accidents between pedestrians and moving vehicles.

Kiwitron has integrated the zoning system to the Standalone anti-collision device, in order to optimize the logistical flow of vehicles and operators.

This type of solution monitors work activity, manages vehicle movements automatically and reduces the risk of accidents in work areas.

The system has an accuracy of 10 cm, allows a detection of 50 meters and can configure up to two alarm zones.

Sistema Anticollisione Kiwitron tag pedone

Prevent accidents in risk areas with Kiwitron's pedestrian tag

Thanks to modern technologies in the field of human detection, Kiwitron has developed a people recognition system for safeguard security of workers.

pawn tag, comfortable and ultralight, it is worn by workers and communicates the approach of a vehicle by means of an acoustic, luminous and vibrating signal.

There is one between the collision avoidance device and the pedestrian tag two-way communication which allows to prevent accidents in the areas at greatest risk. In this way, the driver can monitor the number of operators and surrounding vehicles and will be promptly warned in case of danger. Conversely, the system will be able to detect pedestrians and warn them if a vehicle approaches beyond a certain distance.

Upon request, Kiwitron will also develop the customized application to manage the visitor tags.

Kiwi-Zone Plus & Anticollision: components and installation

The system includes the installation of a pair of antennas on each door, one antenna for zoning and one for anti-collision on each vehicle and one antenna for each tag. The antennas allow you to control the movement of vehicles and detect the presence of vehicles and pedestrians in the surrounding areas.

The electronic devices are easy to install and designed to guarantee industrial characteristics to the product, both in terms of safety and in terms of duration.

In conclusion, Kiwi-Zone Plus & Anti-collision is an innovative product that optimizes the performance of your company and increases workplace safety without sacrificing efficiency.

Sistema ETS integrato al Kiwi-Zone Plus & Anticollisione

Kiwitron's Safety solutions integrated into the ETS range

Kiwitron's Safety systems assist the operator in driving the vehicle, interact with the environment and minimize the risk of accidents.

anti-collision device integrated with the ETS system, for example, allows you to view the status of the surrounding area directly on the touch display. In this way, anti-collision technology is added to the standard functions of the ETS, such as access control and the black box, which allows the operator to monitor the work area.

The pedestrian detection ETS automatically activates the slowdown program, making the safety system more efficient. This solution constantly monitors traffic at 360 ° and warns the driver and pedestrian of any collisions.

Kiwitron offers cutting-edge solutions, versatile and capable of adapting to any working environment. Kiwitron's zoning system can be easily integrated with other devices as needed, so as to satisfy every business need and guarantee high levels of safety and productivity.


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