Anticollision for vehicles and operators

Anticollision Device

Precise, safe, versatile

The anti-collision system is a safety system for every company. The device minimizes the risk and prevents accidents in the workplace. 

Extremely customizable

Thanks to the most innovative technologies we have created a product with features capable of avoiding the collision between trolley and trolley and trolley and person. 

The driver will be warned by an acoustic and luminous signal in case of danger; the pedestrian with a vibrating and audible signal using the tag.  

It is possible to configure up to two alarm zones ensuring maximum safety and efficiency. 

In summary


Thanks to the use of military technologies, the system is equipped with a accuracy of 10 cm. Obstacles like walls and people don't interfere with distance. 

Safety and Reliability

To ensure that all operators work in a perfectly safe environment, both the vehicle and the operator are alerted by means of signs.

Keyless function

The system does not need the key signal to function properly in case of danger. 

Near-miss detection 

 Thanks to the near-miss algorithms it is possible to analyze the areas with the greatest risk of accidents. 

Bidirectional communication

Between the anti-collision anchor and the pedestrian tag there is a two-way communication, so the driver of the vehicle always has the number of operators around him under control. 

Conversely, pedestrians are spotted promptly if a vehicle approaches them beyond a certain distance.

Fleet Management ETS

The connection with the anti-collision device allows you to view the proximity of vehicles and pedestrians in the work area on the touch display of the ETS to avoid accidents. 

The pawn tag

Worn by pedestrians, comfortable and ultralight, it warns pedestrians if there is an approaching vehicle with an acoustic, luminous and vibrating signal. 

zone disegno

Double alarm zone

Two alarm zones can be configured in which it is possible to set the distance within which to define the emergency functions to be activated in the event of danger (e.g. vehicle slowdown and pedestrian tag activation). 

Not just anti-collision ...

The anti-collision device can be used to manage the activities of the vehicles in certain areas: a real revolution in the field of logistics and safety.

The system functions can be configured in real time to guarantee the logistical flow of vehicles, increasing safety in the company.


How does it work

Using the anti-collision device as an anchor it is possible to create areas inside the warehouse within which to manage the activities of the vehicle and protect pedestrians (eg slowdown). 

Following an assessment of the business areas, we will be able to define: 

  • the forklift performance with the activation of relays on board the machine;
  • the parameters of the anti-collision system as warning and slowdown zones.

This makes it possible to increase safety without sacrificing efficiency by optimizing the logistical flow of vehicles and operators. 

The precision of new technologies

Accuracy of 10 cm

Detection up to 50m

2 Alarm zones

Any ETS touch system can be configured as a display visualizer for the radar system.

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