How to get the benefits of the Industry 4.0 on your vehicles

Industry 4.0

How to get tax benefits and add competitive value to your company

Industry 4.0 is a new concept that transforms and contributes to the digitalization of your businessIf you choose to digitize your business you can collect data and use them as a tool: decisions are made objectively and data allow you to measure improvements in terms of performances.

The concept of Industry 4.0 has been defined clearly by the law: Transition Plan 4.0The guidelines determine the new path to take in order to access to the benefits of the Industry 4.0. These benefits are not only economical but the Industry 4.0 brings a high competitive value to your company in general.

4.0 detractions

In Italy was announced the Transition Plan 4.0in 2017, a new industrial policy that provides a plan of greater sustainability for companies that decide to start the digitalization process.

The benefits of the Industry 4.0 consist of a tax saving of approximately 40% of the capital goods.

  • From 01/2017 to 12/2018 Hyper-Amortization of 250% (approximately 36%)
  • From 01/2019 to 12/2019 Hyper-Amortization of 270% (about 40.6%)
  • From 01/2020 to 12/2020 Tax Credit at 40%

The economical advantage is very high. Indeed, if the company buys an asset with a cost of 100,000.00€, the tax benefit will be € 40,000.00.

4.0 Renewal

The new National Plan Transition 4.0 renewed the conceptual framework of the old legislation, with important news in terms of investment, timing and savings.

The new measures are effective from November 2020 to June 2023, with an earlier start date of 16 November 2020. The new 4.0 benefits consist of a 50% tax saving on the entire amount of the tangible asset throughout 2021.

The new National Plan Transition 4.0 has stated an enhancement of deduction rates andan anticipation of tax credits on capital goods, both tangible and intangible, for a measure that becomes structural. 

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How can you get the benefits of 4.0?



You can get the benefits of the Industry 4.0 automatically if the requirements of the Transition Plan 4.0 are met, that is, the capital good must be qualified as 4.0. Not all of them satisfy the requirements of the Transition Plan 4.0, but only a short list that is defined here Attachment A .

The law is very clear: it has always referred (since 2017) to: "... machines, including vehicles, tools and devices for cargo loading and unloading, handling ...". Some examples of vehicles admitted to the 4.0 are Forklifts, Front Trolleys, Order Picking Trolleys, Trilateral, Platforms, Sweepers, Trucks and all lifting machines in general. The vehicles listed above, although admitted in the attachement A, must comply with the 7 technological requirements requested by the Transition Plan 4.0
It is very difficult that the vehicles satisfy all the 7 requirements, therefore the Fleet Manager and Anti-Collision ETS Systems are very to get them).

Integration & Interconnection

The requirements of the Industry 4.0 are many, but the most complex to satisfy are indeed interconnection and an automated integration with the company management system. The law wants to bring an "added value" by using data in the company's production processes. Therefore, the system that benefits of Industry 4.0 must satisfy these points.

Not everyone has the opportunity to carry out this transformation (e.g. due to lack of company management system). These requirements are analyzed carefully in the MISE Circular 23 May 2018 . The document explains that (page 4), when you do not want to connect/integrate the good with the company management system, the point is automatically satisfied by making the good semi-automatic or automatic.

For this reason it is very important to distinguish between two primary activities: sale and rental.

Sale & Rental

How does it works the Industry 4.0 for Sale and Rental?


In case of sale, integration and interconnection will be satisfied by Semi-automatic driving or from a logistics automation system. Thanks to the system Fleet Management ETS integrated with a Safety or logistics solution, it will be possible to:

  • Automatically slow down the vehicle in case of collision danger only when necessary;
  • Fill in the operator checklists, a list of checks necessary before starting the machine;
  • manage access and analyze drivers' driving style; 
  • simplify workflows.

Security and logistic optimization increase the competitive value of the company in terms of safety and logistic efficiency, fully satisfying the requirements of the Transition Plan 4.0


In case of rental, integration and interconnection to the management system will be possible through the use of Cloud Kiwisat. Thanks to the system Fleet Management ETS, you will get directly on Vs. management:

  • Hours of work and period of activity of the vehicles for scheduling maintenance;
  • Correct / incorrect battery charges for residual life analysis;
  • Position analysis for a control of the vehicle handling areas;
  • Hourly rental as a new form of business
  • usage analysis for an automated comparison to the rental agreement.

The digitization of your rental fleet is essential and these data give a competitive value to the company, therefore satisfying the Transition Plan 4.0.

The Industry 4.0 saves over 40% of your goods at once!

Can I AUTO-CERTIFY A VEHICLE 4.0 independently?

Yes, it is possible to auto-certify the machines under € 300,000. Kiwitron does NOT recommend it as it is very often incorrect and does not have the technical supervision required by law. Given that the cost of the evaluation is affordable we ALWAYS recommend to make it.

Do I need two machines to get the benefit?

No, the law has never mentioned two machines. It requires that the machines are interconnected and integrated with the factory logistic system (or that they are semi-automatic if they are not integrated, although they must always be interconnected).

Can I also get the benefit on vehicles that I already have?

Yes, as long as they have been sold / purchased after 2017. It will be applied the law of the reference year (e.g. hyper amortization + 150% or + 170%) and the tax benefits will be spread over the remaining years of depreciation. 

Last term 31/12/2020!

Kiwitron's experience

Kiwitron has become very experienced in terms of Industry 4.0, indeed working with the largest Italian and European certifiers, has refined its offer, bringing a real competitive advantage to companies. Kiwitron has done hundreds of procedures 4.0 giving a significant tax advantage to various Importers and Dealers of important brands in the Handling sector in Italy.

Our team will follow you throughout the digitization process of your fleet and assist you on selling the 4.0 vehicles to your customers.

Thanks to the ETS system we make your vehicles 4.0 getting over 40% of savings!
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