Reduce incidents inside your factory with ETS Safety. Latest technologies are used to prevent collisions between pedestrians ad trucks


Save up to 40% on your truck mainenance thanks to the ETS black box. ETS obtained the Industry 4.0 certification for fiscal detractions


We know that each factory has its own needs. Our products are born and continuously developed with your needs in mind

Truck - pedestrian anticollision

Military technologies to enhance your safety

Using the most advanced technologies we created a fully new product to drastically reduce incidents involving pedestrian, forklift trucks, and moving machines.


Gets warned by sound and vibration of his personal key

Automatic speed reduction

The truck can automatically slow down in case of danger

Bypasses obstacles

Precision up to 10 centimeters thanks to military technology

Integrated by fleet manager

The system can be connected with Kiwitron's fleet manager

Fleet manager – ETS Touch

An all-in-one solution

The ETS system includes all the necessary requirements to manage your fleet. It uses advanced algorithms to detect shocks, analyze the battery, and the global truck efficiency. All the KPIs are available in real-time.

Checklist Display

Using the touchscreen it's possibile to setup a series of customizable pre-use checks

4G / Wifi / Sim

Simple and fast data transmission with the latest radio technologies like 4G LTE

Shock detection

You'll be immediately warned in case of a shock

Anticollision version

Add the anticollision receiver to create the perfect safety system!

Fleet Management and Safety Solutions

To maximize safety and security in companies and industries, we have developed several products for an effective and efficient web-based fleet management, accessible by smartphone, browser and internet.


If you desire to improve the safety and security of your fleet vehicles, what you need is an ETS.
ETS combines all the functions of a black box, battery analysis, collision, immobilizer and, thanks the Wi-Fi and GPRS with SIM connectivity, you can send instantly your data to the SecureCenter cloud.

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If you are looking for a telecontrol device for hostile and unfriendly environments, we have the perfect solution for you: the X19 device.
The pecularity is the ability to successfully face extreme conditions and expand the number of available functions thanks to the Canbus intrerface and the supported protocols such as J1939 o OBD.

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ETS Touch

Are you looking for the perfect integration man-machine for the industry 4.0? We have the right solution for you.
Our ETS Touch combines the ETS with an interactive and resistant display, suitable to industrial environemnt, that allows the operator to fill a pre-defined control checklist.

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Collision Prevention System

Do you want to drastically reduce the number of accidents in plants, such as collisions between forklift trucks?
Our Anticollision device, thanks to advanced technologies, successfully prevents and avoids potential crashes, with a 10 cm rigor.

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Kiwitron means Saving and Quality

Why Kiwitron?

We have studied for many years the best way to satisfy our customers’ needs, and finally we found it: we adopt the “Agile Methodology”, which implies continuos interaction with the customers in the production process.

Feedback cycles

An analysis of the work done to date is implemented weekly, to verify if we are on the right path or a different strategy should be implemented.


Without any additional expenses, we adapt our products to your specific needs and requests.

We work together

The product is created together.
Differently from other approaches focused on interactions with the customer just in the ordering and delivering phases, the “Agile” methodology requires a continous interaction in all the production and decision stages.

If you want, the code is yours

We can give you the source code and show you how to proceed with the product development, teaching your staff.

Do you have a new project in mind?

Alongside our customers

Kiwitron is not just a product, but also customized solutions. We are willing to know about new realities, projecting and developing toghether new alternative solutions. Have a look at the integrations we have created.

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